President Putin, Ukraine, Mullah discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


You spoke with their pasta. What did we learn? Hey, what are you wanting to me? And you what I think you're gonna find really interesting about this conversation about Miller has pivoted so much to accusations of obstruction? When I read the mother of poll what I read is a fascinating insight into the way Russia works and a whole bunch of black holes because Mullah just wasn't able to get evidence from a whole number of Russians, including a leg theropods as you mentioned in the report his name is in the report many times in it. For example. There are acusations the information was funneled to him about the the campaign. He denies that. But what he says is the request that was made by the special counsel was so broad. He goes fishing expedition that it was almost impossible for his lawyers to agree for him to on. So take a listen. Let's along list of companies which had tried to get information of and just for you understanding like us ask about through cell. Yeah. And zest. Doc commenced since two thousand five to presence at the huge three might be full huge tracts was a duck. And in my view, it's completely irrelevant because it was tons of the company which never met is also on the list, and it was a stupid question just to report on every negotiation kommt quiz. Trump. Do is this team too. Stupid questions, but another aspect of this conversation that was really fascinating when I asked you about President Putin. And when you read them Liverpool there is that really interesting accounts from one Russian who runs Russia's largest Bank talking about fifty Russian businessmen regularly meeting with Putin and being given directives of by Putin was fascinating what you're gonna hit. Now is how tense it gets between us when I try to talk to him about his relationship with President Putin and how he has to navigate that. Well, at least some of the responsibility for the sanctions lies shawnee with President Putin. To really believe now in position to debates this. I'm sorry. What was the last time? You spoke to President Putin. Wasn't ugo. How often did you speak to him at that time Lonzo as you can imagine give me any benefits. I n not just ten twenty one benefit. We chatted ahead on Mike company in the doodling. How many nights in years and he's in pow? He's now suing the US those sanctions. But what he one of the arguments that he tries to make guys as that. The he is being put out of business, and he's one of the of a number of private businessmen in Russia and increasingly the Russian industry is run by the state. All right. Let me ask you poor Alice and other unimportant question another topic about your hometown. How crazy is London going football fans going over the fact that you have an all English final Champions League between Liverpool and Tottenham and an all English final in the rope league between Chelsea and arsenal. I mean, that's a first and England is now again the dominant country when it comes to football. Yeah. Well, football rivalries, funny ways. Joe? So you know, when it comes to them if you are Londono, and you don't support talking, and then you'll be supporting Liverpool, even though there's no any London, right? The Dhabi though, that's gonna be fun. That's going to be interesting. You know, it's great. So can we in this country is a national passion? And it's a great thing that you share it, my friend, right NBC's care Simmons. Thank you so much great week here. Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is heading abroad to push investigations that he hopes will benefit the president's reelection by undermining the DOJ's successful prosecution of Paul Manafort and going after Joe Biden, the New York Times reports that Giuliani plans to travel to Ukraine shortly to meet with that country's president-elect a quote urge him to pursue inquiries that allies of the White House contend could yield new information about to matters of intense interest to Mr. Trump one is the origin of the special counsel's investigation into Russia's interference in the two thousand sixteen election. The other is the involvement of former vice president Joe Biden's son in gas company owned by Ukrainian oligarch time timeline doesn't match their the president's a ridiculous..

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