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Zero romo's opened fire the capital gazetted annapolis thursday afternoon with a pump action shotgun he's now in custody the president spoke in the eastern at the white house today this attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief journalists like all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job president speaking at a previously scheduled event to mark six month anniversary of the gop tax bill more fallout from the sexual abuse scandal that's rocked the world of gymnastics now imprisoned former sports dr larry nassar hit with multiple new charges today stemming from an investigation of alleged abuse spending several years at the karoly gymnastics centre in texas a former trainer at the center debbie van horn also charged with one count of abuse walker county prosecutor stephanie's drought says there's no evidence of wrongdoing by the curly family which ran that training center karalis were and remain fully cooperative with this invest gatien there is no corroborative evidence of any criminal conduct by bella or marta caroling nassar a former trainer for usa gymnastics is already starting decades in prison for sexual assault and possession of child pornography in michigan police in crosby investigating a double shooting that left a twenty year old man in eighteen year old woman wounded early this morning to victims had been shot in the car they ended up at the parents house this has been taken to memorial hermann hospital for more we understand their most survive we're still not clear on the particulars of the reason why they were shot or or where deputies say the home is a known drug house in that area lab tests now confirm no fenton hill was found on any of those flyers left on the windshields of several harris county sheriff's department vehicles earlier this week a field tests indicated trace amounts of the opioid after one deputy became ill when handling one of the flyers but the harris county institute of forensic sciences now says it's tests showed the flyers were negative for fendt nil meantime the investigation continues firefighters responded this afternoon to a house explosion in east houston neighbors here tell me that the couple is an elderly couple no one was home both of those people who lived in the home or at work but the couple does have pets tell me they're working with the neighbors also talking with centerpoint to make sure that no work was happening in the area but again firefighters tell me no one was home at the time so far they say no one is hurt roseanne aragon from our tv partner channel two reporting ktar h news time four oh four time to check your money here's ktar h money man pads shin brought.

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