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But don't think that was a player who at that point in his career had been somewhat declining aims similar to wince how I dealt with a number of injuries at that point and I'd say with McNab at that point is clear I'll probably even more you know I'm injury prone then it Carson considering I you look it make nab it leading up to that draft when Kevin Cobb was select make dad had its five season indeed with I believe a growing injury sports sports tourney or something it was the early teal blue water but everything really crumbled for for sure when Donovan went down in the team had to turn to Mike Vick move might be famous academia Mike McMahon are they to turn to him and that was disastrous and that was the first degree next year he tore his ACL in the middle of the season the the following year no seven Donovan which was never really healthy at that point ACL tears back in two thousand six when Donovan suffered eight in comparison when Carson suffered eight in twenty seventeen much different you know the way they are booked at the way the rehab from all right so far different situation now recovering from that specific injury then it wise for Donovan in trying to recover from that type of thing back in in twenty eight two thousand six sorry but Dan Donovan you know was never right two thousand seven I missed a few games at your AG feel we had to step in and at that point you're looking at a thirty thirty one year old Donovan McNab and that's a four different situation then the one is it the eagles are in now with Carson Wentz that was a Donovan McNab would be in the franchise guy three years at this point Carson Wentz just signed his second deal like this is a guy in his fourth year that is coming off a healthy season and people can talk about the concussion all they want now I get it and if you you know if you if you want a label that is an injury prone thing I just I disagree and not to keep going down the same rabbit hole here but the concussion thing really bothers me because I do think it was such a freak injury they I would not consider that a long term social I get the comparison the banner trying to make but I think there are significant differences that deserve to be pointed out with Carson Wentz being I'm significantly younger being a guy conceivably entering his prime well done Megat was got that point who was exiting his prime don was only the quarterback you're another two years before they traded him away to Washington so while I do understand that comparison I don't necessarily think it is apt to what I do believe in the course in interview then I found interesting you know I I and I and I talked about this last Tuesday when I was on after Carson at a zoo meeting with his reporter with the reporters and yeah I kind of see it a similar way after his discussion with Angelo on I really don't think car scene is one thing at all when he refers to the hertz pick any says that it doesn't bother him like I really don't think it does pop on and I found that hard to believe at first but this conversation just reiterates AV here the way Carson said I really don't think he is bothered by the situation and I'm does it change my perspective a little bit yeah it changes my perspective a little bit I I well I still like to pick I still think there are other routes you could have and should have gone to help the football team now on one of my primary concerns would be that would create this kind of fracture between car scene and the organization somewhat I don't necessarily feel that way now because I think Carson does get it and that takes a certain level of maturity it really does and you know you you look at what's going on in Green Bay you know and how bothered Rodgers ease by the Packers drafting Jordan love and you know Rogers has come out and said anything publicly but you know what kind of guy he is not he's a bad guy but it but he doesn't yeah I mean it trust me I'd be a little your data visor Roger still in they've never drafted on the receiver in the first round olds undertaken by my eventual replacement I would be upset too you know and Rogers was obviously in the opposite situation long ago with Brett Farr but I this normally bothers guys like that Tom Brady obviously was bothered when the patriots strict Jimmy drop low to the point where ultimately it got Jimmy Garoppolo's trade like make no mistake Tom Brady got Jimmy Garoppolo's trade there there is not a Hey coincidence when it comes to that I didn't that was that was done because Tom Brady didn't like the organization did once he proved he could still play and go out and win a Super Bowl championship in Super Bowl fifty one on the patriots you know decided they had to cut bait and I'm bill Belichick sent him where a place where he thought he could succeed in San Francisco but Carson's level of maturity after what he's dealt with in the city with backup quarterbacks in with Nick Foles what Nick Foles was able to do on that level of maturity with Carson I find to be very encouraging and something that you don't see that often that a guy would be this kind of you know confident in his abilities and secure in his possession a paid position with this football team as a leader as a quarterback that's the kind of mindset you want and do even better hi Amanda me a lot of regards because if I was cars and I would've felt a certain way about that and I wouldn't have been that please with that selection but I really don't think it bothers him the one thing that I did pick up on and I. A.'s shame on me for not getting a chance to get to this last Tuesday on this is Ron Courson zoom call with the media and I wanted to get this in here in regards to the hurts of the one thing they're Carson said that I found to be interesting in that meeting with reporters less rigorous course in on the possibility of sharing it snaps with Jaylen hurts this season first things first I'll say we'll see we'll see how that all plays out you know I don't know we have a job you know to deepen the playbook and our hello but you know whatever is gonna help us yeah since being drafted and all I wanna do is wait you know instead of their hold on the market so whatever that takes whatever that's gonna look like I'm on board now I'd like to set I want to be out there I wanna bomb and we all.

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