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Uh well certainly um you know richard w your baseline they medical reach assuming you you just cannot argue because in so many ways he was so far ahead of his time and things that were sort of intractable diseases back then or are you these didn't know how to deal with kc provides insights and just i i won't go too much into this but something like psoriasis now we know uh us rights very common is considered a skin condition um to discoloration on this and what casey said is that that's just a symptom of the deeper condition that and that what psoriasis actually is defending with the wall so the colon so that toxins or leaching out coming out to the system said that in order to um lee is thinning of the walls of the colon so that toxins or leaching out and coming out to the system said that in order to um you know in order to treat psoriasis you have to uh you got to treat diet um but that's just you know uh uh uh one of many different lantis for example they y you those regret records the bases she thinks it can't uh you can't prove a mountain in quite is he he away as you do the medical readings but if if the if the metal if you haven't got credibility with its medical reduce you mighty dismissed the atlantis but because you're so credible he is i i gave you just can't dismiss it um another one of these uh treasure hunt uh we're on uh in atlanta related treasure hunt and he's identifies uh this spot spotting on on an island in the care be in uh we're columbus landed nearby were where columbus landed in case he describes a fresh water well and uh on this part of the island there there's only uh no one knows new new when we went report that there was a fresh order well but back in key day there was and interest reading it describes this fresh water well and that the native could read indian had dug disc well and wind get with stone walks that the id cannibalized from a nearby temple now you know we're talking columbus as time went on alert earlier.

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