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Unexpected results finding the less invasive version to have a higher death rate for patients Dr Pedro Ramirez of the university of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, led the more rigorous of the studies it found women who had the less invasive surgery were four times more likely to see their cancer return compared to women who underwent traditional radical hysterectomies. If it does come back, then it is practically an incurable disease results were published online by the New England Journal of Madison, I'm Mike Ross. Toyota's recalling more than a million vehicles worldwide. AP's Jackie Quinn reports. It's all because of a new airbag bag. This recall affects seventeen thousand Cihan x a vehicles that were sold in the US between two thousand four and two thousand six the other models affected are sold in Europe and Japan like the events this Corolla and wish the problem is an electrical short that can cause airbags to inflate even if there isn't a crash and the seat belts to tighten or render those systems inactive when they're needed dealers will replace the airbag control unit owners will be notified in December. I'm Jacky Quin. Residents of London's Neo bankside apartment complex enjoy spectacular views over the city, but as AP correspondent, Karen China's reports some are unhappy at being on display themselves disgruntled neighbors of the Tate modern gallery complaining that a viewing platform and the Tate just opposite. Let's hundreds of thousands of tourists the year peer into the hands and I'll taking the gallery to coots. They once a full gallery declares of part of the tenth floor terrace, which office three hundred sixty degree in London..

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