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Fire protection. The you know puts the power underneath the her dry D performance products. McRae to an awesome awesome. Awesome company a love, the People Red Devil Barbecue, China's bands and a great guy next The Indy? Auto. Cycling team be services hiring products. Services aren't auto body ingram that shock therapy dirt defender all about rafts Definitely. I. Think. Rocket for making me best task ever very socks that's about it. He got them all he knows. A like a driver that can go just pound out his sponsors and he's he's got a few wins. So He's got you practice and practice, lane. Yeah. Leave again thank you so much. Man Continued success this season and hopefully we'll have you on again. All right. Thanks man what? Kid. By the way dryden performance products, you may not know this, but you are from Virginia. They they are from Virginia they started out in. Ashland. Interesting. See I. Actually, Virginia West Virginia man that's right here from West from West Virginia. West. By God Virginia. Wonderful This been a great you really has. Some the young kids nowadays I don't. Know I'm starting to think I got to think of the e sports guys just like I do the guys that get on the race track. And Race I, mean an and by the way Raja. Raja Bamford guy got a huge victory victories his first his first victory. Danny. Greenville pickens. By the way we talked about Gracie trotter last week. and. I forgot she's part of the diversity program she the. Fourth or fifth or something like that. Got Her first article win and finished fourth behind her but yeah Raja this. Boy. And this that's. I wanted and that's why I wanted to kind of make comparison we talk of everybody says. E. Sports. Trina. Look. Raja got a chance because of that NS car initiative. Him being good on I, racing and them noticing ima tryout with rev racing. And he was good enough. To be able to get a ride. It has nothing to do with any other thing but talent And I'm really digging what NASCAR's doing with that program because there are a lot of. It doesn't matter what? Nash. Race. You come from okay don't have the money. or the ability to go racing in a real car. Sure. You know from a young age. May Be Geographical may be that your parents you know don't have the money and maybe that. You know there's just not an opportunity to do that and this this easy Nascar. Initiative is really cool and and the other thing that I didn't understand I was GONNA talk to you at the beginning in the beginning of the show was. You mentioned one hundred, thousand dollars. For the winner of the Coca Cola. Racing series that is correct. Get this folks. Hundred thousand dollars to be national champion in that. Crate three hundred. I saw the number of this morning when I was doing some research three, hundred, thousand dollar purse Wa up from the winner Zack Novak got forty thousand dollars last year to win the kilowatt it's one hundred thousand dollars understand understands just. Forty thousand dollars a still a lot of money forty thousand to win that series is stupid money and one hundred thousand dollars is crazy stupid money and and to see. Written raceway you look at how this is kind of. Blossomed in, itself okay. Richmond Raceway, you have a denny. Hamlin has a team. William Byron William Byron as Clint Boyer has a team based in dillon has attained. Yeah. They're ton of people that have e- NASCAR teams just crazy Elliott. Sadler joins. Top series. But now he has a technical team that that he has he has drivers on our our our Kotei Garrett maize is joined them technically and. Part of that no, he's not no rogers Rogers got his own team but. He's doing well, he got himself a huge road pro and earlier. Let me tell you something. It's not easy to get to the Coca Cola now series. Now it is the forty bestest oval racers I racing racing. And it's not like you go. Hey, I. Think this year I'm going to join the COCA COLA AND NASCAR series. No. So you have to you have to go through the ranks baby. So let's climb the ladder. So let me use use Maine's local. unleashed. Brandon's faces just lit up. So get means who who drives to Richmond Raceway Sports Coca Cola Development Program, and also raises technically with with Elliott's team. They have what's called the road to pro anybody can can join the road to pro. So you literally racing against hundred do you could you absolutely good looking? I don't know if they. Could start the rugged press. Some of those guys would be cussing me probably eat. You just gotTa get get better like a bull in a China shop. Bay. So Garrett means. It is the erase the truck and The top twenty in points after that series is over goes into the pro series and the top twenty in the pro series goes to the Coca Cola I racing series next year. So how that works is the Coca Cola. Series bottom points have to requalify have to requalify in the pro series. So you get the top twenty of the road to pro series the bottom twenty of the Coca Cola. I would say, then the pro series is racing not racing at the same time that Coca Cola. Happens. It's winter rat. Okay. So wrote a prose over our our buddy gear means he was one of the top twenty. So now he's going to race to be in the Coca Cola racing series next year. So that's going to be really really cool. And You know th that's the there's so much going on it really is I mean we've we've got a lot of great racing going in our. State Langley coming off a really big weekend. That was fun. You know that national title, you know championship shots between Josh, Berry and. peyton sellers. Close. I mean and it. It won't be decided and now granted Josh. Berry won both races. And PEYTON had had mechanical trouble in the second of the twins I mean that could that may have one Josh A. The. The. Chance to win the national title daily even talked about it on L. junior download but you know it's it's just one of those things I mean. This is what's what's great. covid nineteen 'cause a lot of issues South Boston speedway unable to race. You probably would have seen Josh, Berry and peyton sellers racing at South Boston and not Langley F south. Boston had been open Yup Yup. Just did it this way? It is because that's their. That's their track that they would be close to yep so. But now, dominions had them out there. So, now, the the fans from demanding it to see this kind of this kind of national battle and then Langley headed this weekend this. Granted we've had so much trouble with the covert nineteen that. You WanNa pull your hair out. But I. Think this is move. This is pulled me and you both. This is pulled all the. You know the drivers go into different tracks that they probably wouldn't have gone to so. There's exposing fans as a positive out of a negative. Yep. That's what I try to. You. Know we need to we need to close this thing out I know we do. But before we do, we can't again, we can't thank you enough guys four. Either liking our page or following us on twitter and follow us on facebook. INSTAGRAM and Youtube too. And of course, now, the show is on all the major platforms apple podcast, spotify Google podcast those are the three biggies. spreaker. Anchor. Yes you will take those last two and that's the. That's the thing we WANNA do folks we you know a I know it's been. So for the last two years, go into the website and listening that we've made it easy for you now and ask you if you could pick your favorite podcast platform and subscribe to that to that particular platform gives us a review. Hopefully, it's a good one and hopefully you'll give us a five star rating especially on Apple podcast because I think that's the only one that gives the stars. Okay. So, if you could do, that would be greatly appreciated. We we we I know me both me and Brandon Preciado that a ton. And in fact, four brandon I'm Dave see I think you the fan for listening and keep Racing Virginia..

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