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With guys coming and the people coming behind. So you have one wave of attack. And then you have somebody right there to ensure if here came, just lose. We've got him right here. Davis with the last two games back to make a tackle that boy with three down, linemen backed out back to throw looking left into the end zone being throw that falls under throne, though in complete coverage down there by Mario On fourth down to Miami. You get two points here anyway, you can Wiggins was covered pretty well. The whole way by good rich people under thrown by Derek King would have led him to the back of the end zone to be complete for dollars on the field. Go try. This will be a 42 yarder happens down the kick is on the way. And Miami is on the board with a field goal for Dallas remains perfect on this season, seven out of seven on field goals. Former you transfer we mentioned they were heavy and free agency, the transfer portal, even though the field goal kicker has been really good. At a 57 yarder against Louisville earlier this year. Yeah, when you weigh, have opportunities to find really good players. Dear King being one of them. Field goal kicker you got Taylor Phillips, Bubba Bolden. You've got some guys that can really plug in and play for you. That getting those three points those crucial because clips and has the ball if they score If they don't Miami will get the ball coming out in the second half. And I think that's critical that you now have a stop. If you're Miami, get a stop on defense may have some time left unless clumps and gets on a long drive has you know a big chunk play? They've been prone to do tonight 14 to 3 our new score with the Hurricanes getting on the board here with 3 53 to play before halftime shat Trickle have all those scores we talked about coming up at halftime highlights with what's been an active day continues to be a busy night in college football at Notre Dame in action tonight with Florida State Dixon back at the goal line to receive this Kickoff go into the end zone and over his head touchback for Clemson tigers. This is your four minute offense, right? 3 53 to go. Basically. Yeah. You're in a position now where you want to make sure Atyou uses much clock but you also try to score. Flag on the play. There is a flag down on the other side of the 50. Facade, taking a number 25 yards to be added 25 Yard line. First down bad enough, you can't stay out of their own way. Think of the seventh penalty now against Miami 50 yards in this first half Clemson for 40 time of possession in this game, Clemson 18 minutes and 15 seconds compared to four minutes 45 seconds for hurricanes first in 10. From the 30 for the Clemson Tigers. Receiver's two by two Lawrence fakes the pitch till left throws open. Galloway, the tight end of the 40 runs over a man of 45 in the 50 yard line, already bid field clips of tigers at that catch by writing. Galloway Jr out of Anderson, South Carolina, runs with authority after he catches the football. Brandon Galloway is Brendan Brad and his having a really good game. Gain of like 20 on that one. There's a hand off to Dixon and will go absolutely nowhere and shut off the line of scrimmage, thereby Bradley Jennings would help now. Miami took it up. After the play personal file unnecessary roughness. 41 has a huge penalty down to the 35 yard line, played six games in 92,019 and broke his ankle. You have to watch the rest of the year. But those are the kind of penalties you have. Make play. Then you have a play when you get a tackle and give up all those yard given up given free are gonna get you had Clemson stopped for no gain on that plane You gave away 15. Inside a handoff. Rogers down behind the 30 down in the 25 Come with that jet sweep, action pitches forward, and it's gonna be holding clamps will bring it right back. Jackson Carmen Holding off 79 penalty could see it from up here. What happens is you're on the edge. Right bread, Jackson. Carmen had a really good block on defense of God tried to disengage, and he held on just a little too long, So he's gonna come out and have a conversation with With Dabo after that one. Is holding up Zach Macleod on that play Carmen, a good one projected. Maybe a first round draft choice in the next NFL draft now clumps and backs up 1st and 20 from their own 45 from the Miami 45. Out of the pistol. Takes the handoff throws it to the right side, helping Matt the 45 40. It's Roger's Down. 35 yard line picks up a big chunk Get you right back Marty Rogers with that ability to make you miss that ball was personally place right to the three as soon as he catches that he's able to knife up the field and pick up a lot of that yards. That guard is that they lost on that penalty. Just getting him in open space. There. Now they go. Three receivers left so three by one to the right. He looks up the field first and creates that open space. To him, and he's able to pick up a nice first. Now Rogers have a big first half. He actually was the target on the first three plays of this game. By Trevor Laurence. Subtle things that he's able to do to get guys open without really like about trouble. Lawrence Lawrence Adoption handed off tackle again inside the 30 25 down 22 yard line looks like again working had him dead to rights and able to just does these parallel moves and he doesn't have bolted on this one. Regis sheds tackles so strong in his lower half, and if you don't get him with that initial tackle, he's gonna make a bunch of guys. Ms Minute I have to go in the first half. Clemson up 14 nothing looking for more from the 22. Florence throws after 2015 20 crossing out of bounds at the 10 yard line. Lattes on the big receiver able to take it out of bounds brings along a first down now, with a minute 20 to go. Checking out of the game. Specter now Powell and is a receiver to the right. First down and 10, now down to the 11 yard line. Lawrence. Throws it. Left side is Galloway tight end out of a pile on the goal line. Touchdown, bringing Galloway play action. Throw looking left. Trevor Laurence throws another touchdown. Tigers get their third touchdown Galloway run a 42 43. Plans under father got, and if if he didn't, there's something wrong with my eyes. But what you do is you have zone blocking. Going to the right. Galloway back across. Normally you sliced the defense of anything you try to cut him or take him out. There. You just go by him. Trevor. Laurence sees him out on the open and they run this a lot. They run it so effectively on. That's why he was wide open. He just drop him a little teardrop, almost like a point guard. Nice touch by Lawrence could make every kind of throw into this game with seven touchdown passes Dalloway earlier in this game for once to be a second game, a second of the game if it holds up. Further review. Running on the field is confirmed. My mind's pretty good if he didn't score that I was gonna walk out of the booth. Look.

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