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Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys, Bill Polian discussed on NFL Live



So that's a bonus for him. And now he gets to go down to Dallas it, oh, by the way, Amari Cooper just got a raise on his one. I know he's only making four hundred fifty five thousand dollars that you said the option Xu's what? Fourteen million just under fourteen just under fourteen million dollars. The raiders get him for two years about fourteen and a half million dollars. But in that fourteen million dollars, you know, Longo pays California state tax San just made nights amount of money today by being traded to Dallas Cowboys. It rains. And he's going to team that again, consider themselves somewhat in the us here when Oakland clearly does not. That's why it's not an overreaction. The that they'll have more draft picks than wins this season. This team was already going in the wrong direction and now you trade away Amari Cooper, you saw the reaction of the locker room, even quarterback, Derek Carr. When you got rid of Khalil Mack. Now you get rid of one of his wide receivers and and listen to Bill Polian, speak of Amari Cooper and call him serviceable and say, this. Right. Say at this point in your career, but the point of his career, he's he's twenty four years old. He's in his fourth there. He's a guy two years ago who had fifteen hundred yards receiving. So he has a top ten talent. What Dallas is hoping is they get to bring that out of him with deck Prescott with these Elliott. And so for the raiders this was a, we're not going to win. We're actually not even trying to win. Let's look toward the future, but for Dallas, this was a win. Now. I would just say he to the point is, is what Ryan is saying. He was the number four overall came out, you know who the comparible was when you heard people that draft next, whoever compared with it was Reggie Wayne, but that was the combat. Everyone talked about the route now really. That that was people compared him to and it's not like he hasn't had to your point ramps. So he hasn't had production in the NFL. I mean, he's had production. The NFL. So look Bill is right. That is a hefty price because you're only guaranteed to have him for the rest of this season and next season k with the fifth year option. So you're talking about first round draft pick that you might only have for season in the habit. If if you get a to address pick of the question for you as a quarterback, if Jerry Jones and you to Dallas Cowboys your your, your Jason Garrett. You can't really say, you know, dacha quarterback of the future does getting a guy like Amari Cooper help evaluate him better to feature he. Can he be your friends to answer that quite listen. It's why the Chicago Bears winning better town.

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Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys, Bill Polian discussed on NFL Live

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