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Oh well enough where maybe he deserves deserves some time you know bradley zimmer came off at the l a couple days goes to for four so far i believe since returning michael brantley has just been amazing this year and they've got milky in in raja's so who are you betting on in this out ville here's here's the thing with what you look at a couple of things michael brantley is the guy that we have to leave in there and he's he's hit second all season he staying healthy producing that's good the rest of the situation you look at you look and see how many guys they have involved and you gotta look at see who's who's got flexibility pardon me and you can't do it with malki cabrera and his values as switch hit so he's useful on the bench on a bench that doesn't have any other that doesn't have any other switch hitting options that are on the bench obviously door ramirez or in the lineup and currently greg allen's in the lineup too but have cabrera gives them simplex ability that they don't have with their typical bench of eric davis there but that you look at alan davis similar type of player one has all of his minor league options the other ones out of options they added davis as a free agent this winter yes it was a minor league deal and they've turned into a major league one but the added them for reason there and and the same thing with the zimmer he has options and you gotta try to figure out who they're going to keep and i think having options sometimes her shoe and this may be one of those cases where they want him to have regular playing time now he has played regularly with all these injuries but with those other guys coming back they're gonna want chisinau's left handed bat in the lineup to i honestly i think alan gates victimize here despite him playing the spite how he's playing he's a risk i think he's got a he's got a pretty decent chance of getting sent down once this roster is fully healthier in the next week or two.

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