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From that decade will be on hand tonight you mentioned Tom Golisano Leri quit will be a part of it and Daniel Breer Brian Campbell among others who will be a part of the ceremony it is the Sabres and the blue jackets and this is the poll you belts pregame show from seven one six probably a couple of those guys who think wouldn't even the I know that this was here guys who've coming back tonight maybe for the first time in awhile yeah that could be the case but yup seven one six it's been here since November of fourteen that's when that's when it opened actually course construction will take a couple years before that and the two thousand you have the team at the start of the decade the two thousand one team that was seconds if you will I mean very close to a trip to the Eastern Conference finals and who does from there for losing the Pittsburgh that year we played a highlight from a goal that series and Bob Hooters name is it booked a result Pittsburgh by the way I got to mention that earlier and then famously some of the most popular teams in years in Sabres history five or six oh six oh seven investing is and again they'll be honored the players from some of the players from those seem to be honored tonight my job in the bulldog here the current Sabres are coming off a win over the red wings on Tuesday the record is now twenty five and thirty two twenty five twenty four eight fifty eight points that puts them still ten points out opposition cerrado hold the spot closest to the Sabres are in the standings with a ten point lead the Leafs are here by the way on a Sunday that's the next game yep after tonight Columbus is in a playoff position by a thread thirty and twenty seven or thirty seventeen and ten that is seventy points one ahead of Philadelphia and three ahead of Carolina but that's a wild card spot Columbus and valley at the moment that's gonna probably shuffle a lot between now and the end of your hand they might be in tough here that they're getting corporate Salo back their goalie you start to play tonight in you not the goaltending is been any kind of a problem in fact really they got hot when corporate silo got heard an Elvis verse look ins took over he's not playing either tonight it's going to be to Lennix who played the last game in here Saturday before last against the Sabres that was an overtime loss for the blue jackets but Cammack incidents out now said Jones is out now and they had other injuries through the year and they've managed to persevere in and still be in this playoff spot we'll see if they can hold on to it like you said it's crowded and Jones your father and I were covering the Columbus blue jackets I might feel like that's that's gonna be the one that I'm gonna have a tough time recovering from that's a that's a super nice player all around player in you know so sorry I I I'm not gonna be positive they can't overcome it but that's a that's a tough guy to replace in the line up for them their last game in overtime loss to Tampa back on Monday the blue jackets and the Sabres tonight so we are now not to as a rule lead with the deadline but you've got the standings here and I think that the deadline will start to become if it's not already on people's minds fans also even players in some cases as it gets closer to eleven days away the Sabres have I think five games including tonight between now and then Jason Botterill last time he was with us said we want to give it these games and see where we're at that's reasonable I suppose they have not made up ground as the home stand has been Morse mostly a struggle they do get the win on Tuesday we've been playing one clip today of Elliotte Friedman mentioning Johanna Larsson as perhaps a popular idea for some other teams at the deadline at that as I talked about we've talked about makes a lot of sense Larson is one of the less expensive options of the guy's going to unrestricted free agency by the way but for the player he is his value and for the money being an unrestricted free agent next year he's like a perfect NHL twenty twenty your this era yeah deadline get it meaning that the some of the bigger stars who maybe you would be used to see traded in the past at this time of year that that happens less often yeah I don't you know if he if he is of interest and that can drive up what I'm gonna get in the return great I I I'm still gonna be pretty surprised if it's something that we feel excited about really at all just inspecting a draft pick in and not a not a high one at that that's just the market that's not to really speak of what he is is value is I think it's made sense every time you brought him up as a as a potential target nam he's impressed me this year in in well I guess I was I think I'm impressed because I don't really know for sure what I'm what I'm seeing what went when I make the point about to make but I I feel like right from the start this year he has with authority to me watching games seem to know where everyone should be in in in this in the hall over there playing like I just have seen him a few different times started directing guys slowly and himself like very aggressively going where he's going and I feel like whatever they've done style why system wise has really worked for him and I think he's had a nice year and I've sort of gained a level of respect for him as a as a heady player someone that you can trust to you know what what is going to do the right thing once he's there or not is another matter you know no one's going to be perfect in this is not some perfect player but I and he's got his hands around what his job is and what his linemates are supposed to be doing whether on the ice and I think there are there are ways to me that I think that his evidence itself through the years I've I've been impressed with him almost all year I I would expect smart seems to want to his possession stats are pretty good if not very good for this team this year it's been a a step up in a couple of areas and he still plays last year was incredible his own starts this year it's I think I saw forty percent of his drawings that are even strength that are either in the office is older defenses on his case or the defense is old so three out of five ships that are not in the neutral zone he's starting his own head and have some of the numbers he has possession wives are even more impressive given that last year was fifteen percent six out of every seven gypsy started that we're not a neutral so started on it is all that didn't like what kind of chance do you have so Larson who's coming up on four hundred games if he stays healthy for the rest of this year he should probably get there I don't know if he's traded at that a judge if that affects that all but one with the Sabres he played one game with Minnesota for having betrayed into the Sabres three somebody for the deadline and that's again eleven days away tonight the Sabres will get Victor Olson back anti will post so they both went out Olson is Mister good junkie games fifteen January thirty twenty went out so I'm not sure what the tally is but that's that's a hearty chunk of sees so more than a month for all of season and he was I mean he was doing a great job the goals were there he was among the top rookie scores he still is yeah even with his time out but he'll be back in a post was well it's a what's expected tonight right and and Marcus you'll Hanson and goes out he's got an upper body injury I I just not believed to be serious but it's going to keep him out so with that and I think this would happen even if your Hanson were here still he had kind of slid into that spot the offhand faceoff circle area on the power play opposite of where Eichel often is that was Olson spot here to begin the season for most of the year and so Wilson will slide right back in there for what he's on the first power play goals single classroom where he began the year and you know that's what should be nice I mean the guy has any lead shot religious no I think everyone has seen it now in the all understand that like it is just it's at another level than than the you know most guys in the NHL even like it is in the lead still that he possesses and yeah he was having a really nice year after not scoring I think he was maybe eleven goals in for he finally scored in even strength goal it was all power play goals and then he started producing a five on five and he's gotten credit from Ralph Krueger for being of a very responsible defensive player too so yeah for for a seventh round pick who took until he was twenty four years old to actually hit the beach in the NHL I I think that's a that's a really nice that's a really nice player on hopefully something that you can count on moving forward here we are getting you dialed in for tonight's game as presented by prime com the official telephone systems provider and NextEra visual business communications provider of both the buffalo bills and Sabres by the way do you have that Columbus goalie official are I don't there was a a writer here from Columbus who we asked about it you you said as a corporate sallow Reddy any city still day to day and I asked about first look ins and he said he thought the other kid was point so I I don't I don't I don't I don't think I've seen an announcement I think he's a team official so that was what I was basing that joke mark **** of the guy the hockey writers yeah that's it yeah is he saying it's gonna be he's saying it's this kit kit VH1 it's okay right that's the only one that is right now I remember doing have Lennix and Jim in middle school we like it we like it too much they their goal these numbers are seventy eighty and ninety right I'm I'm sort of built though decades right right right it probably some I am crushing on first look like I'm I'm really here we go Joe I'm really I well I just got he's super fun to watch you got a lot of personality in there to a lot of flavor but there's a lot in that game to the local like and I'm I'm kind of rooting for him I'm disappointed will play this game Joe of got three goalies in fantasy that are all starting tonight which two would you go with vessel Leschi against Edmonton Anderson against Dallas back for the Leafs and Georgia for the Rangers at Minnesota it's pretty easy right yet toss toss does Georgie of another first too that's where how about like so but Edmonton although ten got none of their yeah like you've got a ticket a ticket for Tampa that button this is kind of like a two thousands yeah two thousand savers point they can be you've got a ticket for Tampa debited gnomic David no stamp coastal Kucherov but you know if that's me this team going down there for this game and like all right sure is there I'm good there was one of their now three back the the calls within one but then Boston one last night so the three behind but it just wouldn't be as much to me with my team like being so good right that you'd like to see me Dave any hockey fan would sure but I'll be alright yeah he really wanted to win you don't even care so much about who's on the other team or anything like when I go to points baby more on the schedule tonight perhaps not all referring to fantasy line ups in around the NHL when we get there Sabres coach Ralph Krueger his game day news conference as the update for you that we might have just spoiled odd Olson and a postal soul sin and oppose will be starting tonight will be warming up with seven and twelve and make the final roster call right after the warm up heightened starting at mark is going to be a mom Marcus is day to day and he will not be in the twelve today.

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