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Their asian shares jumped for second date msci asiapacific down i've epa said this morning the nikkei fools 14 percent and hawkish comments on the federal reserve chair have a big marketing pies opening the door potentially to full rate hikes a twenty 18 sp 500 features the did stolt said declined also yesterday in the us treasury's back onto prussia in asian hours interns off the 10year treasury yields which two point nine zero three percent at is the three year yield though i that set has seen the real while two basis points higher and back a curve flattening basically at the as dole is the one of the rare beneficiaries the perfect on the spot index there this morning pulls back a 10th of 1 percent we saw gains yesterday had bayer ag also says that it's aiming to close its monsanto transaction by the second quarter of 2018 that's one of the big breaking news lines that we had out just in the last hour or so hailed blue bag at odds full china and japan we've had weaker than expected economic data there chinese official manufacturing gauge has for the most save five eased in february the csi three hundred one of the big decline is this morning down eighttenths of 1 percent at the moment or my gmm function global makwei move is on the parade by the yen also rose off the bank of japan reduced its purchases of alone and boldon's out of regular operation what does that mean for the markets in the past it's been take it as a signal of some kind of change that be a jay although the central bank says that this is just a regular operation the japanese e ends what price when i seven spot zero six this is is down seven tenths of warm senate boil poised for his first monthly decline in six months that's a bloomberg business flash now he sought to kill of with moments going around the world good morning caroline slovak prime minister robert fico has offered a one million euro reward for anyone who comes forward with information about the murder of an investigative journalist and could check and his.

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