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We're gonna men have to nash john louis's original speech that he was going to give at the nineteen sixty three some all rights march a lot of people might not now it was it was controversial also controversial that eighty catholic archbishop agave indication said he would not give the indication alas the speech was changed and included a lot of language about the revolution them that would marched on i was actually the country like sherman through the south and will take matters into our own hands it was considered it was considered too much to radical any ultimately change step in order to so in order to speaking gave a very powerful speech the broader thing here larger that be the last ten given up their own banner prior narrative that the whole right movement even look at someone like a rose up are now rose up our was the professional active that he worked but he and double atp the whole defense but he was a tired oh lady and he just needed to play for that now now this was a game broke out with the wind of with the with the group so waiting to find a lot who right on it and they have been all covered up by the progress if they give you the idea that this was just something on any of you know it was that out there's nothing wrong with i think planning in okay that i've heard straight smart yeah i don't batted i've hit three in the rely on people to be gullible to go along with marry yeah and and john let us a note and it's getty images matter that image of him getting beat then the had that's a people say and it was brutal that has to says that thank you so much for joining us as always course hillary's america he's been cellar and not best you know phenomenal movie as well i will take a break a lot more.

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