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The. Hey, it's Marie Forleo. And this is the podcast version of our word winning show. Marie TV. Now, the video version has some useful and entertaining visuals. So if you want to check that out go to Marie Forleo dot com forward slash Marie TV, real find this and hundreds of other episodes. Thanks so much for listening. Hey, one more thing if you're feeling stuck or frustrated or wishing you could reach your goals just a little bit faster want you to go. Download my free training called how to get anything you want. It's simple. It's powerful. And hey, as what is free get it. Now at Marie Forleo dot com slash subscribe. That's Marie dot com slash subscribe. Hey, it's Marie Forleo. And you are watching TV the place to be isn't this place? Awesome. To create a business in life. You love and today is QNA Tuesday. And that means we have a question, and I am going to a it. Here. We got this comes from RPI. And she writes Marie the wisdom. You put out there through videos is life altering it's really created a positive shift in my thinking, you're welcome. However, there is one thing that you keep on referring to that. I don't quite get yet listening to my gut everyone talks about it. For instance, when someone tells me, I just knew he was the one there are crickets chirp in in my head. I have never experienced this whole. I just knew phenomenon I'd certainly like to get on the gut feeling train. What are some actionable ways to tune into your gut? Thanks so much Arpey. Wonderful question are P, whether you call it listening to your gut or tapping into your. Intuition or following your instincts understanding how to pay attention to your natural? Knowing is of vital skill for success in business in life..

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