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To be he's played thirty two minutes now he has sixteen points he seven of fourteen but he's one of five behind the arc so you're getting beat by double digits on your home court and steph curry is one of five behind the arc klay thompson is six of fourteen from three durant three of six but durant's got thirty five points thompsons got twenty eight so they've combined for sixty three dollars seven points if i told you draymond green was gonna play thirty five minutes go one of five from the floor and put up to whole points however he's done some other things nine rebounds nine assists couple steals couple blocks has three turnovers but still that's what you're looking for intangible wise you know you've got to let green and iga dollars shoot and if you've done so tonight there three of eight combined of two behind the arc that's what i said to do you know again curry if he told me he was gonna only at sixteen in green was going to have to i would have thought for sure houston had a chance to win this game right now to trail by twelve zero seven to go one ten to ninety eight so they're going down nick young off the bench has nine livingston has seven to a piece for looney and west real quick fish are let me just duck in hey hardens done his job he's fourteen of twenty from the floor and thirty two minutes he has thirty nine points five of seven behind your sixty seven from the free throw line has seven assists just three rebounds but no problem because he's usually far from the basket chris paul thirty six minutes five of fourteen so pathetic shooting percentage there two of seven beyond the arc has seventeen points only three assists for chris paul not gonna get it done means other guys are knocking down shots as well nine rebounds for paul capella has twelve points six rebounds only two blocks you know again he liked to see a little bit more from him as far as the block department if they're going to win these games reza has eight points three of eight from the floor pj tucker thirty two minutes of action o of two zero of three from the floor of two behind your one of three from.

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