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From member supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman with news as you're heading home the big storm moving into california tomorrow will bring a lot of snow to the sierra and plenty of rain to southern california of course we could use that rain as long as it's not too much too much is what sent a giant river of mud pouring off the thomas fire burns zone above mono sito back in january and right into hundreds of homes below twenty one people were killed robert luhn is santa barbara county emergency management director he says the mudslide threat this time around is not as severe buddy's still there the area still are chock full of debris up in the mountains and so debris flows are just as likely to occur depending on the intensity of liu in says public works crews in santa barbara county have been busy prepping debris and flood basin since last month's big storm they've got him about ninety percent cleared out and we will have more on santa barbara storm pratt in about three minutes the los angeles city council committee that oversees the la river reached a compromise today on new rules to close the river to recreation when levels of harmful bacteria march to high kpcc's emily garin was at the committee meeting this afternoon the la river officially opened dick hiking back in 20 can never been ben public official eight the problem which is how do you balance revitalization of the river with protecting the health of.

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