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So let's just put simone biles in context like here's something i think about a lot. How many gymnastics moves are named after her to be determined because she may compete a new one if she decides to compete again at these olympics. She has won the more. You're like so. Don't pretend like this is a finished list. So currently there's one vault to floor skills and one bounce fame skill so currently for potentially five in the next couple of days depending on what she decides. She's capable of doing that. Seems like a lot. Like how does it compare to all the other gymnasts competing against most gymnasts have zero. So i would say favorably so going into the twenty twenty one games. The hype was pretty real for her and the team like i was watching an interview. She did on the today show and you could see how simone herself was psyching herself up but then the the host was too. I mean we're driven..

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