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Amid the Corona virus pandemic. One institution has forged ahead before most others, and that's the United States Naval Academy Each year, the Naval Academy takes in roughly 1200 students for a seven week physical. And mental training regimen, known as plead this summer. The goal is to turn civilians into midshipman Mark Satur Defense reporter has CQ Roll Call says this summer. That process looks a little different. It has involved a lot of hand sanitizer. Mark what you're hearing. So it seems that all these academies, including the Naval Academy, are operating at sort of a bubble system kind of like with the ENDA, but it's not as extensive. So all of the students are required to stay on the campus at the Naval Academy. All the freshmen up leaves as they're called. They have to be there their quarantine for two weeks point arrival there tested for Corona virus and that's where they're going to stay, and they kind of live and train in these 40 to 50 person family units. And the idea is that if everybody in the family unit has been tested, and he's OK, then that should be relatively safe. That of course, you know has some exceptions, right? All right, so the units don't mix. A cz they might have in the past. Correct. That's right. All right, So it's a D military academies. I guess it might be somewhat easier to enforce these rules because a CZ you said the students the pleads the cadets, they cannot leave. Unlike a student at Old ST you Right. That's exactly right, Andi. No, they have these campuses that enclosed and, you know, theoretically, there's some sort of security. The caveat, though, is that at least at the Naval Academy, the staff can leave. And that, of course, presents to me some problems. You know if the staff can leave and kind of go on interact in Annapolis, Maryland, where the Naval Academy is located, where cases are still relatively high, it's possible that they could bring the virus back onto the campus. So what's the What's the daily routine going to be like for these pleads in terms of training and testing for Corona virus? Also, Well, I'm not sure that they're going to be tested much after the initial two week quarantine. I mean, they'll train and they're kind of family units. Oh, and as you said, they won't mix with the other units, which they've done in the past for kind of intramural sports and stuff like that. But other than that, you know they wear face masks, and they kind of do their training. And I don't know. I mean, they're all housed in the same complex. But they say that if anybody has any symptoms, or has like a race temperature or anything of the sort, then they'll be isolated. But it's unclear to us what kind of testing they're doing on a daily basis, if at all. We're speaking with Mark Satur, defense reporter at CQ Roll call his pieces called Naval Academy's pleads summer. Looks a bit different this year. The Naval Academy is kind of unique. I think in that all of the midshipman are in a single building, right If this is a massive dorm or housing unit, that's exactly right. Yeah. I don't know if that helps or hurts their cause. Well, I don't know. I mean, it's called Bancroft Hall. It's the only sort of dorm setup that I know of. That is that is like this. Where Like as you said, everybody's in the same place. Now. They say that they have onsite medical staff and that anybody who's isolated will be in a separate section of bankrupt Hall away from the rest of the students for the midshipmen, But I don't know Will that help or hurt remains to be seen good questions. Both are a bit different at the military academy. They have a similar system. Although We've got less in depth on that. But same idea face masks are required for everyone. There's a quarantine period of the beginning. Cadets arrive on a staggered schedule. At West Point, they have had confirmed cases already, and those cadets were isolated. And theoretically tested negative twice in a row and that reintegrated back with the rest of the cadets. Next Mark Mark Satur, defense reporter at CQ Roll Call 21 minutes now in front of the hour on this weekend, coming up next Buying on the dip. Michigan is one of the best places in the country to do business. But you don't have to take our word for it. Take Evan Miles,.

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