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Hey m of ron i'm robert clo which is radio labin today we're talking about well we're trying to think about what goes on in the mind of a bad person yet we finally come to any kind of agreement with hopper he didn't leave books or diaries to tell you i what were you thinking so in this last election we're going they tried to get close to a very bad man and we could ask then that the question really to wonder about his what difference with that may yet but we should warn you ahead of time this next section of the program has some references which are extremely graphic knocked the everybody's taste vf kids in the in the room maybe this is a timely of legal brush their teeth or something via yeah becomes to us from our reporter parents if such as rights who had who is a skyer this is jeff jensen and he's a reporter an la end he wrote this graphic novel that i read about one of the most prolific serial killers in us history gary leon ridgway the green river killer the first victims of the grand river killer were found in the summer of 1982 lick green river murders terrorized seattle in the 1980s in seattle today a man called the green river killer has ridgway murdered at least forty nine women as self hauled green river killer i'd it's lay suspected that it could be upwards of seventy five making him the most prolific serial killer view american history all the victims were prostitutes he buried them were left their bodies in these little clumps in the woods kennesaw into a place the bodies was if they will matic and come in january of 1984 the green river task force was formed and my father was recruited the taskforce force jeff wrote this book because his father tom johnson of was one of the.

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