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Parts west of Houston fall within that area of the danger zone of what will be very high winds, including high winds. Very far inland. Texas governor Greg Abbott, reminding folks in his state that a hurricane is coming now and it could be a cat three things to talk about this and discuss what he's seeing right now. Jim Ryan ABC News, Jim Good morning. The win is all this expected to arrive to the coast. Well, some of the outer bands already have arrived. It's been raining here for a little while. And like Charles, Louisiana, and the expectation the possibility at least, is that the storm could come ashore as a category four storm. It takes 55 MPH in just 24 hours going from About 55 MPH top 16 wins to 110 in the last 12 hours that thanks for the category two verging on a category three storm, So, Yeah, it's something that people are very concerned about. Local officials have ordered evacuation for areas from Galveston Island, Texas, all the way over here to the central Louisiana coast. So, Jim with that, I mean, 110 mile per hour. Winds are one thing, but if it goes to cap for category what happens then? How? What kind of words are we talking about? Well, anything above 110 would be a Category three and you know you get up around to the 21, 24 1 25 Ranger category for and you're talking about really heavy wind damage to buildings even fairly strong building's roof damage Ruth pulled off of houses, trees toppled over. We're going to see power outages across this region for some time to come because Of the expectation that the trees will be.

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