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You would not think no given when he has to carry the team and score basically all the points and i think that's where he's looking at just this internal piece of i have blinders on i'm not even looking at what hardens doing across the street and mj i'm already looking behind him in the mirrors i think this is i think everything he talks about is sort of legacy talk now for the brian james which brings me to johnny manziel who was an enormous enormous star in college was the most exciting quarterback i ever saw in college and then he something happened to him he either he quite possibly had a drug addiction and quite possibly had a personality disorder which is what he talks about now and he failed miserably in cleveland and he really did but the question becomes did he fail because he was a bad quarterback or did he fail because of this personality stuff 'cause when you hear him talk now he sounds very diff different he sounds completely committed to a straight line to get back into football and support of family which he used to not deal with at all he ran away from family so so i totally with his father yes if he's a different person and still the same quarterback is he nfl material the patriots have apparently expressed interest in him the patriots now the patriots do this a lot the patriots take people and sometimes it fails like albert hanes worth but sometimes it succeeds like garrett blunt mean they'll take somebody problematic randy moss he had the greatest they didn't win in win at all he had the greatest year of his life and he's a hall of famer with tom brady what you guys are so much younger than i so much closer to johnny manziel what do you see when you see him.

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