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I then they retired to rose and most likely and then Jose a third option would be Jose, which is another guy with zero playoff success. Thanks, larry. Larry if the Rosen gets Oh, well. well, there hasn't throws Indus one with a bullet before Kyle Lowry. I would say he's Mr. raptor is there for a longer period. I think they both. The I had the same success. Yeah. Together was drafted. It was more. You know? He's a lifetime raptor, see Jose Calderon. No, no, no, no. Now, we're reaching. Well, then you gotta get in mo- Pete. You're just saying you can you can you. Bruce Bowen, Nick collison, just you know, the raptors have a fresh slate right now, and they're going to do the stars. Just the the biggest stars they've ever had. Or are they going to do the favorites? They make that choice. Well, no because then you open the floodgates if you did if you put one favourite end, then you're right. Then it's like, well, why not mopey why not this guy? I want be the Bowen, I think is a little different because that's a favorite with a championship. Yeah. Really with that team for the most part on how many teams that he played. He Bruce, Bo. Yeah. Clipper out enough? He's definitely known as a spur. Yeah. That's my point. And that's why I would kind of guess that Chris Bosh isn't retired by the raptors. Because I think he's known as a heat. I mean he played longer in Toronto for a season. But he's known as a he title saying. That's when he was still. Oh, yeah. For sure ten time. I think. Yeah. Yeah. I see his face on his wicked pedia page. I see that young face. It's not an old photo. It's him just being young. And I think to myself, it's too bad. He's he's I I would think I'm still has thirty even though he's in a part of that two thousand three class. He's thirty four can't play anymore. I guess I guess I guess. This right. There was rumors there for a little bit that hey, he might look to make a bit of a comeback here. But is this a sign of the end seems that way it does? But that Jersey's going up there, by the way, they're also the heater selling vice nights jerseys for Bosch in going never played a single game in any of those jerseys. But yeah, you got the the cool neon black and blue and pink just the black one like, they're just. I don't know if they're also doing the white one or not. But yeah. Box gonna put on some shades with that jersey. He's going to look cool. I like your idea of like when they do this on March twenty sixth against the magic lake they should put up. I don't know Sherman. Douglas, and then have Bosh pop up. His infamous video bombing there. I love that idea. All right. So let's here are you one of the people that don't think the heat should retire..

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