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Court for the Southern District of Florida to order an immediate halt. To social media companies, illegal, shameful censorship of the American people, and that's exactly what they are doing. We're demanding an end to the shadow banning A stop to the silencing and take a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that, you know so well. Case. Will prove this censorship is unlawful. It's unconstitutional and it's completely un American. We all know that we know all know that very, very well. Trump spoke at his golf club and Bedminster, New Jersey, but found the suit in federal court in Miami. Trump was suspended from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after his followers stormed the Capitol building on January 16th in a violent attempt to prevent the certification of Joe Biden's presidential win. The company cited concerns That Trump would incite further violence. Members of the America First Policy Institute join Trump, the newly formed institute is staffed by allies of Trump and former administration officials. Brooke Rollins is that CEO. She underscored Trump's contention that he's being illegally censored by big tech. What was just a decade back a mere fiction of paranoid dystopia. A handful of technology companies, effectively seizing control of the American Public Square is now our own present reality against them. This president fights for you. And he always has. And as he always will A law professor at Santa Clara University in California, has studied more than 60. Similar lawsuits over the past few decades, said Trump is likely to fail in court, Eric Goldman said it's likely Trump is instead pursuing the lawsuits to draw renewed attention to himself. There's also the issue of money that is the money to be made off of the lawsuits. Trump reportedly raised millions of dollars from his online stop the steel operation, which appealed to supporters to donate money to support his legal efforts to overturn Joe Biden's Electoral victory. He shot that operation down earlier this year. Today's announcement was a televised events streamed on our website that included a prominent Donate button and Trump's political action committee was already raising money off the announcement. By early this afternoon. The New York Times reports that the National Republican Party and the Party senatorial election arm We're also using the lawsuits to begin raising money. Pennsylvania State lawmaker and rabid supporter of former President Trump today launched a forensic investigation. Of the state's 2020 presidential election, demanding cooperation from counties and mimicking a widely criticized partisan effort in Arizona. Senator Doug Mass. Triano issued letters to three counties today, giving officials there a sweeping information request with a threat of subpoenas for holdouts who do not respond affirmatively. By month's end. The effort is facing strident opposition from Democrats and Any Senate issued subpoenas for a partisan Arizona style election audit will almost certainly be challenged in Pennsylvania's courts. Arizona audit was widely criticized by both election experts and some Republicans. Trump has persistently claimed the 2020 election was rigged against him and pressured Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania and other states. He lost narrowly to conduct an audit as is happening in Arizona. In an interview streamed online by former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon, Mass. Triana suggested the undertaking will be similar to the one in Arizona. Master Rihanna told Bannon. Besides counting the ballots again, he wants to forensically analyze with photographic material. Whether the ballots were copied or filed by a human saying he planned to study what type of paper was used. Look for what he called software shenanigans. And review the chain of custody for the ballots. Mass. Triana was also asking for information from May's primary election. Pastrana has said he's considering running for Pennsylvania governor and has claimed that Trump asked him to run. He's an enthusiastic trump backer and during last year's election He on several occasions, Leverage has elected position in the cause of Trump's efforts to reverse his re election loss. Mass. Triano let US Senate Republican Policy Committee hearing at Gettysburg in November. To which Trump called in, and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was the featured speaker. There. They aired baseless conspiracy theories about election fraud and December he signed a statement with 63 other Republican state lawmakers. Urging members of Congress to block Pennsylvania's electoral votes from being cast. Four. Joe Biden, critics of the Post election presidential audits ongoing in Arizona and now coming in Pennsylvania, advise those trying to understand what's going on. To follow the money Rose Brown reports. David Becker, with the Center for Election Innovation and Research, says the organizations and news networks that alleged President Joe Biden did not defeat Donald Trump by eight million votes in 2020. Are sowing doubt because they've been incentivized to divide the country and Becker suspects are doing it to raise money from Trump supporters disappointed by the outcome. We are now getting to the point where we're and perpetual doubt about election outcomes and perpetual doubt about the legitimacy of those elected and verified, confirmed elections by not accepting verified election results. Tucker says people are making the case that democracy no longer serves United States citizens. Many Republicans reject the 2020 results, believing there was election fraud. Although state election officials from both political parties have said there's no evidence of widespread fraud or other irregularities. Becker says ongoing threats against election officials and their families also work to delegitimize election outcomes and destabilize democracy. He cites a survey by the bipartisan Policy Center and the Brennan Center for Justice, the found one in three election officials feel unsafe in their jobs. Becker warns America could lose a generation of professionalism and expertise in Election administration and we are seeing an exodus of experienced election officials from both parties. This is a great concern, particularly as we're now seeing some of the election deniers actually run for secretary of state in places like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, etcetera. The Brennan Center report also found one in five election officials. Said they're concerned about death threats. While half said the explosion of disinformation about elections has made their jobs. More dangerous Support for this reporting was provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New.

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