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I'm wwl Kyi chief meteorologist j courtesy here's your updated forecasts as we push through this Thursday. Night skies going clear watch out for a little. Bit of fog forming and some of those valleys. Temperatures will bottom out, around sixty nine. For your Friday partly, to mostly sunny skies very warm afternoons shaping up actually, temperatures right where they should be for the time of year so still looking, pretty good high, of eighty nine we'll be close to ninety both Saturday and. Sunday that's your w well k y. Forecast I'm meteorologist j cargo see and it's. Currently eighty two degrees at News Radio eight forty w. a. j. 's our top story ahead of, the midterm, elections, national security adviser John Bolton said that election security is the president's top, priority elections, are administered, by state local governments so the federal role is to assist them we'll be addressing, that through the. Comments of the heads of the operating agencies. At today's White. House press briefing Bolton and other security officials warned that election meddling has put you as democracy Quote in the crosshairs. President Trump and his. Daughter appear to be butting heads on one issue the, media adviser Ivanka Trump said at today's briefing she does not be the media the same as her father now I do not feel, that the media CNN may. Have people however President Trump tweeted quote it is the fake news which is a large percentage. Of the media that is the enemy of the. People the only suspect named in the disappearance of. Bardstown mother of five, pled not guilty. To theft charges prosecutors, say Brooks how stole hundreds of dollars worth of shingles, from lows in April how was named the suspect in the disappearance of his, then girlfriend crystal, Rogers who went missing in two thousand fifteen he was never. Charged or arrested although the theft charges. Unrelated Rogers mother sat in the courtroom for. His arraignment Sherry Ballard telling wwl k y honestly I it was for my daughter I wait for, that day, every, minute every second life hawks trial on theft charges is set for January Suzanne Duval NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s. the stepfather of the alleged Marshall county high school shooter may. Face charges Commonwealth attorney Mark Blankenship is debating whether, to charge Justin minyard for not preventing January shooting minyard is. Accused, of gross negligence for leaving unsecured guns near his stepson and, shooting, suspect gave Parker, the, founder of Papa John's says, the pizza chain needs him back as its public face last month John Schneider resigned. As chairman of the board of Papa John's after it was revealed he used the n. word during. A, media training, conference call in may now Schneider tells the Associated Press the pizza, chain needs him back as its public face Schneider says oh return. To TV and radio ads wants the public understands. The context of his comments daughter, has criticized Papa John's board for, the way they handle the matter saying the company acted hastily without, investigating what, happened, Papa, John's board adopted a poison. Pill plan to prevent daughter. From ever-mounting. Takeover Todd ant ABC. News apple is breaking records becoming the first Company to reach a market value of one trillion dollars and just think in nineteen Ninety-seven apple was teetering on. The edge of bankruptcy it stock was trading for less than a Bach but. Then came the iphone apple now valued at one trillion dollars as other tech stocks have been faltering apple is setting records. That's ABC's, Alec stone apple shares are up twenty three percent so far this, year and Louisville city f c welcomes a new head. Coach John Hackworth was introduced. Today as former coach James O'Connor's replacement coach that every level of this. Country been fortunate in that regard and I really in watching over the last several weeks. Been so, impressed, with the team especially with the fact that they have. Had a technical staff around. Him the forty eight. Year old has also coached collegiate and professional soccer his first game with the boys in purple is. August. Thirteenth your next news update is coming at seven thirty I'm Healy Hamson, NewsRadio, eight, forty w.. H. a. s. Kentucky and is breaking News weather and traffic station The.

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