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I'm. Richard Cantu roughly twelve thousand firefighters are battling wildfires in California that have killed at least six people evacuees, from Redding California where the big fire is staying at, chefs to college were disappointed to hear that the forecast is. For high temperatures low humidity and high wind, public information officer Chris Harvey fire's completely encircled with you town. Reservoir now south we've also had some fire spread to the north here up into. The forest service land area of containment is still, just a small five percent ABC's Alec stone on, the fire line Justice scope of this fire is incredible at. Ninety thousand acres I'm with a group of firefighters way up. In the mountains three thousand foot summit here with the fire is burning driving from one side of the fire. To the other it can. Take an hour it's a long distance over a hundred miles. Of fire line it could be mid August before the blaze is. Totally contained firefighters working twenty four hour shifts Fire officials in Greece raised the death toll from a wildfire that raged through a coastal area east of, Athens to ninety one up from eighty six twenty five, people remain unaccounted for six days after the blaze began President. Trump has been exercising itchy Twitter fingers in, a series of tweets repeating attacks on the news media and. Returning to the idea of a government shutdown if he doesn't get what he wants. On immigration including the border wall presidential attorney Rudy, Giuliani says former attorney Michael Cohen regularly recorded clients, but Mr. Trump is not on the vast majority of them. We know of something like a hundred and eighty three unique. Conversations on tape one of those with the president is state Giuliani on face the nation on CBS American Airlines. Says it had no flight. Cancellations during a nationwide ground stop the airline says the brief. Stop was produced by a connectivity issue between its computers in a, data center you're listening to ABC news when, working at a growing business you, wear many hats, the new, business hat the buying toner, for the copy machine has the sifting through tonnes of resumes..

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