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Hammer's here We'll go straight to Dr Mueller dot com Hotline and bring on Rick Snyder, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 86. Rick. I'm I'm sitting here and I do what I want to get locally. What's happening here in this city in some of the crime of violence and what's being done? And and the conversations you had with the mayor and some of these meetings, committee meetings that have taken place, But just big picture what you saw in Chicago last night. What you saw what we can do to see in Portland. What we saw in Seattle. So the writing and the looting and the violence I When I see this, I'm thinking myself. Oh, man. Could this ever happen here in Indianapolis again on that level, and that's that's one of the things that I I worry about. Does that keep you up at night at all when you see what's going on in other parts of the country? Well, it's it's exactly what was expected to be seen with the lack of accountability that we have seen that has been put forward by our elected officials when they have made clear that they will not hold folks accountable who are committing criminal acts. It has emboldened those that want to do harm and inflict harm upon our communities. And so lawlessness follows the path of least resistance. I'm sure that what you guys time and time again. I think inherently all humans understand that, But that is human nature, And that is why we charge our elected officials with their number one responsibility, which is supposed to be the safety of the public the safety of our communities. And quite frankly, this is what we went to Washington, D C with in December of last year, met with the president and said, in all of our major cities were seeing this on the horizon that got exacerbated by everything that's transpired in 2020 And now many of our major cities are reaping what they have Some Rick Snyder is the president of the F O P joining us here on the hammer and Nigel Show, So we've had two rounds of riots in the city. There was Friday night. There was Saturday night. If something like this were to break out again, what lessons have been learned from a law enforcement perspective? Maybe from a city perspective, So we know howto handle this thing again. You tell me what lessons have been demonstrated our law enforcement officers. What we have seen is that our elected officials failed us. They fell to provide direction. They actually interrupted our normal procedures of how to quell such violent actions, not peaceful protest. Up. The wheel is wrecked. Okay, we'll connect back with him here in just a moment. But to your point, Nige, I was right there with you when I saw Chicago last night, and I see a sea of rioters, not peaceful protesters, but rioters outnumber the police. There was never any protest Last night in Chicago. It was all writing from the magnificent mile from the north side of the South side, and it was it was really troubling to see And when the police become outnumbered in a city like Chicago, right where they take policing pretty seriously, but they have a pretty pretty large city if you get that type of organized Chaos. It's hard to do. It was organized. It sure was organized. I mean, it all started earlier in the evening in Chicago with the police action shooting, the suspect was okay and it kind of just swelled from there. We got Rick Snyder, president of Eternal Order, Police. Lodge 86 back on with us. Sorry about the technical difficulties, Rick. So the lessons we've learned here in Indianapolis in terms of the riots and the crime sprees that happened a couple of months ago. Hopefully, if something like Portland or Chicago or Seattle Whereto happen again in this city, do you have faith that our elected officials We'll have the wherewithal to do. Stop it to put a stop to it. I know our police. Khun do it, But will our elected officials let them Are police can do it. Our elected officials prevented it when it occurred before and you ask if we've learned the lessons. Look at what's been going on, guys. We've got downtown businesses that still have yet to hear from their elected mayor. That were shut down that air barely on life support. We have a salon that just announced their closure over the weekend, and what did they say? They said never would. They have dreamed that the beloved downtown in Indianapolis would end up like this? And they said It was from a violent riot in an infested empty downtown have ended their dreams. Now you tell me what our elected officials doing about that. In their same letter, they noted how they reached out to their mayor to the president of City County Council and they felt act. Our officers are saying the same thing. And what we're trying to do is find out where the solutions live, and what we're seeing time and time again in the major cities is a reluctance to take action. In Chicago. There police commissioner just said Our city is going to be held hostage by people committing violence because there is no accountability. Now he has publicly sworn that he's not going to allow that to happen. Yet it just did in his study. And that's what every major city in the country is facing right now, and the residents of our communities had better wake up and realize that when there's nothing left downtown Salute to destroy into Bon. It's going to move out from there just like our crime has done and crime and violence follows the path of least resistance. Rick. We had Reverend Charles Harrison on on Friday and he had mentioned that along with yourself and the mayor. There have been some talks take me through what Some of these talks have been about. Well, we remain consistent since we started bringing attention to the common violence in Indianapolis in September of last year in and people said We were exaggerating these points. Does anybody think it's an exaggeration when 876 people have been satyr stabbed in the past 276 days? Is that an exaggeration? We're running at all time. Record levels for homicides or already have 138 homicides were contracting 226 people die, be lose their lives in our community as a result of someone else. Creating. We're on pace for 220 homicide. That's a 26% increase over the all time record ever in the history of our city, and we were sending and waving the warning flags last year. We're now talking, and I think that's good. I think it's good that the mayor is now entertaining your allies in groups like 10 point coalition. Mohr, Listen, we need folks residents who are willing to help interrupt the violence in our neighborhood, help stand shoulder shoulder with law enforcement and say We're not going to tolerate this anymore. And we support our officers. Guys, I'm gonna ask you. How much have you heard that being said by our elected officials? Remember when in May when we had people who were openly publicly threatening to murder police officers and their families are elected officials styling. It took our city County Council 14 days. It makes you a letter condemning such threats. 14 days that would be a no brainer. Yet when folks stand silent and emboldened the ones who are going to create violence and strike in our community, That is why we have to stand in solidarity. And say that that is unacceptable and when we do that, when we do that, we will make a turn. Rick. What do you think? When you saw the the quote unquote peaceful protests last week and the truck trying to get through and ah, protester Ah, pull his gun out with the with his finger on the trigger and pointed at the at the truck. There was also another person that did that as well. When you saw that. Just wear what what went through your mind. Well, People are open when they're saying that they want to see investigations done into that. I think anyone would agree. Ah, we should see the same type of level of vigilance related to all be violence that was demonstrated in downtown Indianapolis during the riot. Listen, guys, you still haven't heard the radio traffic from then have you? You still you still haven't seen all of the video related people running around with firearms filing upon our officers. We have to have the same kind of diligence yet The reason why you see things like that occurring today. Because we weren't doing anything about it yesterday. That is the point. Um,.

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