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Sure with the so far tonight the highlight for the Sacramento River cats need the chain nine peanut butter eating con does is been the highlight the Sacramento River cats. that's called a joke. it's true. you know its baseball anything can happen. by the way the Los Vegas team as you said they they wore the fifty ones right. why would they were hooked up with the New York Mets right and then the with the Los Vegas stores but they are now the if I'm not mistaken the Las Vegas aviators. Iraq is their first year they're hooked up with the open days right there and you probably already know about four K. short stop out there. you know I think that that Barry Larkin used to me at four eight. I mean across the body throws in getting the guy just like all look at that whole look it back right. just get out on the base that I'm pretty sure Pat if you write down the name for himself you'll be talk to the bottom of the major league ball player in the not too distant future because the guy is clearly got it wow now we keep an eye out. Joe like those your baseball fan ten to your in your wheel house my friend thank you have a great time appreciate being on the show and have a great time here with Mike some of the yard your ticket holders on inspection one oh seven you know I've maybe seven or two on the scoreboard for the visitors but you know when you're sitting talking baseball with real baseball fan yeah it's it's pretty good night we said was with you my friend Joe Michaels let us know towards in the game if you can. we'll keep you posted our buddy thank you all right Darlene with a wide Colfax joins the show hi Darlene. yeah Hey first of all don't ever apologize for being the sweet loving caring person you are. thank you number thank you it's just a kind of embarrassing to me times on I mean you know I mean it's just a little yeah but any of thank you well thank you know it's you okay thought candles listening I want to send her my love. I'm very shook up over it you might on a better note I knowing knowing in listening to Kendall she's got dancing every fine I just believe it's gonna be great yes anyway lover love you love you too early well why thank you means a lot Valen it's almost before the break I bow. Hey Pat how are ya okay thank you I met you last year we were in the studio I had cut ups of northern California the charity that needed a new location and you fell madly in love with our ninety seven year old president Betty knew all I do you remember that. I remember it. hard to forget and we were able to find a temporary location good good good. but unfortunately now we have to leave that so just because you were so kind to talk with us about it last time I am we we need a workshop for the the ladies for nonprofit okay about fourteen hundred fourteen now I'm about the amount to put you on hold hay.

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