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Till eleven this morning on where it's five nineteen from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly President Trump is. Considering larger tariffs then I proposed on US imports of billions of dollars worth of Chinese products NPR's Jim zarroli reports senior officials of the Trump administration say they've they've tried to persuade China. To address what. They say are unfair trade. Practices this hasn't happened and in fact China has retaliated with tariffs of its own So President Trump wants his administration. To consider raising proposed tariffs from ten to twenty five percent now, this isn't, a done deal. There has to be an approval process with an opportunity for public comment, the board of directors at CBS says to, law firms will. Be, investigating allegations of sexual misconduct made against the company's chairman and CEO NPR's James Dubec reports former prosecutor Nancy Kastenbaum. And former securities and Exchange Commission share Mary Jo, White are leading the investigation into sexual assault and harassment claims made by six women against CBS had less moon vez. Moon vez will. Remain at the helm of CBS. During the investigation but the board says he quote will have no role in. It, protesters in Chicago are planning to March through city streets during, this afternoon's rush hour calling for the resignation of the city's mayor and police. Superintendent they say. They failed to, reduce gun violence I'm Dave Mattingly n. p. CR news in Washington twenty, minutes now past five o'clock good morning I'm Matt Elmore thank you for. Joining us for morning edition today and we'll get back to the program shortly I though we'd. Like, to take another look at. Bay area traffic conditions and with that welcome in Joe McConnell good money. Good morning Matt pretty good summer morning no big problems the usual slowdown to the Altamont pass bay bridge toll plaza backup is not begun. But it's bunching up the, incline which, means they'll probably turn the metering lights on pretty soon there's been a closure in Sonoma County west catava since Tuesday it's regular road between valley Ford road and. Canfield it's been shut down because of utility poles and wires that were. Knocked over an earlier crash Joe McConnell for KiKi thank you Joe. His report brought to you by Ashley homestore Robin young. Asian American playwright imagines the life of the first Chinese woman to step foot in America. Brought by American businessmen to be exhibited like. A museum piece for life Of fourteen was a performance What aspects of?.

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