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Movement. In this country, However, he the Republicans have been completed. All of them have been completed, particularly the secretary of state. You know Ratzenberger. We're suing him right now, currently or dropping over 198,000 voters from the voting rolls under the guise that they had moved when there's no evidence that they have moved from their homes. Matter of fact, we picked up the list and start calling some of them. We found 12 folks want one of the people that we called him. Can I offer just literally just randomly picking up the list that had not moved had lived in their home for 27 years. They had never moved north where they interested in moving the next person we talked to have been in their home for over 18 years of bottom line. Is there 198,000 people that were wrongly drop from the voting rolls? And that was done by raccoons, Bergen and October? What I think you see right now is that wrappings Burger did everything that he could within the context of his office. Abused his power to disenfranchise the vote. She wasn't I don't think he was willing to go to jail for Trump. And so that was certainly put him in the category of voter fraud on day election fraud, And so he wasn't willing to do that. But he's done everything up until the point to keep for preventive of prevent black voters and voted in the state of Georgia from so he has certainly not a hero. LaTasha Brown, co founder of Black Voters matter, We'll have an update on the results of the Georgia election, the latest results before the end of this newscast. If the races are close, the results will not be known tonight. Ah Federal judge rejected President Trump's latest bid to overturn his election loss in Georgia during a hearing today that the president's lawyer blocked members of the public from listening to remotely. Amid the Corona virus pandemic. Federal Judge Marc Cohn rule from the bench to deny emotion seeking to de certify Georgia's election. But only those present in the courtroom were able to watch the hearing held via video conference because Trump's lawyer did not consent to remote access for the public. The ruling in a last ditch lawsuit, filed by Trump last week, is the latest in a long syriza of legal defeats. Trump has suffered in his futile attempt to undo Joe Biden's victory. Meantime, President Trump ratcheted up the pressure on Mike Pence to intervene to overturn the presidential election result. When the vice president presides over the electoral certification process and tomorrow's joint session of Congress At last night's Senate rally in Georgia, Trump declared he will fight like hell to hold on to the presidency. They put the spotlight squarely on pants on. I.

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