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You just lose your party or they may not go crazy you the dust as we saw the last election you just have democrat starting to cross drew republicans saying you know i may disagree with some of their policies but these people over here are just nuts while because again it starts to undermine um you know a lot of of uh you know the past and and what we had worked for but but i think uh on a greater level esp specially looking at some of the details from the governor of a delaware and this proposal for public schools in that state and that is undermining the authority of parents yeah but they got that before i i must say a huge issue we sought lowly growing slowly got to that right but what this could easily do is take that from them oh yeah i n altogether mutton my point is that's that's a huge issue but it's not the first time democrats have really tried to do that this to me officially is a first time they're trying now to shut down the public's throat the concept of you can be trans racial and in in in addition you know you don't have to tell your parents i mean because that started with what contraception things like that in schools so none of it it's not a serious concern it's just they upped the ante now with the trans racial i just shake my head shake my head and you just wonder one will democrat one will the death w if you're a democrat when when you've won will you finally say stop it to your leaders well again you talk about policy where uh for instance on illegal immigration you look at the polls where democrats are against many democrats are against sanctuary cities yet they keep voting for the people that are not only expanding that type of policy the creating it on a state level on a county level you do the poles the rank and file many of them disagree with the majority still in the vote for it the majority of democrats when polled and leaving donald trump's name out of it on sanctuary cities and our against sanctuary cities and passionately against sanctuary cities as as.

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