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Subject to change. After promo. Regular rates apply to Bob Miller in the Traffic Center. In Baltimore on 95 south bound of 3. 95 crashes on the right shoulder been extensive delay south on getting into and through the four McHenry tunnel Getting 23 95 where the traveling have now been re open should take a little while to clear out Still, though, and a lot of delays getting into the tunnel South bound. Think it started in the rush hour. They're pretty shortly. Meantime, 95 the B W. Parkway, generally in pretty good shape between the two beltways and Baltimore Washington Parkway has quite a slow down north bound out of Chevrolet. Getting to a point before for 10 in the works on their believe there's going to be a crash. They're not sure what if anything, is getting by North bound Baltimore Washington Parkway before for 10. On the outer loop of the Beltway. They've picked up the work. So now after River road they're doing so it had been blocking the right lane and on 66 eastbound inside the Beltway. There has been a work zone set up there and still getting my single file. Now there's a crash. About 66. He's bound before the Beltway and that should be along the right side of the roadway headed eastbound from Nutley Street to the Beltway 95 south of started to bog down from Route one getting over the Quanta, 1, 23. And Beyond that the Pacers pretty good toward Fredericksburg. This traffic report sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Bergen Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Bob, Inland GOP traffic And let's find out what's going on in our weather. Here's Lauren rickets hanging tough today, but we will see a little bit more sunshine pizza. But if we're lucky before the sun goes down after the six PM our temperatures fifties.

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