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Us 312981 72 100 is our number. And here's what we've got planned for you this afternoon. So author, political commentator and director of debate for the University of Michigan, Aaron Call would join us to talk about his book. I do solemnly swear presidential inaugural a justice of the last five decades. He'll also have his analysis on President Biden's speech this past Wednesday. And is the new season of American pickers kicks off on the history channel will share my conversation with the star of that show, Mike Wolf. Now from Time to time. I like touching up on some cultural touch points from politics to science, music art. Everything in between Now, Ashley by Hyung, who's a supervising producer here, WGN actually say hello to the folks. Hello, folks. Eyes in studio with me because, you know, I want you to learn something today from this conversation. Okay. You know, I'm saying, like, sit back and absorb some really good fax. All right, Okay. We're gonna do that on. So I'm really excited to have a foremost authority on well, everything S so once again. I invited Dr Arthur von Smart, awesome from the dense Institute to join us on the team Hochberg phone line doctors as smart as him. Yeah, Yeah. Good. Navin couldn't have been my friend. Nice to have you back on. What nationality? By the way, Just to remind folks is smart us in again to see if it's consistent. We shouldn't let him know it's little Justinian. Yeah, from Liechtenstein. Yeah. You know how we got that name? No. Listen, we like to beer? Yeah. And how isn't really we, like have a drop. So we actually developed a system by Richard practice. If you're of licking the glass of both, which is Yeah, we get every drop of it. And, of course, over there in the Quran Standard College Stein, But we don't call it a class of the Earl Bragg north. So we cut it this time. So we lift the stein and yeah, maybe Doc after advice are you grossed out by this it off. I'm not yet. We're talking about deal. That's right. She's young kid. She's drinking beer all the time. Absolutely. Um, you know, now that we've got a new administration, there's even more conversation about these certain statues from public spaces. That might be removed again. But during this whole thing on guy wanted to run down a list of statues to get your take on whether they should stay up or take him down. Is that all right? Yeah, that's that's very good. Yeah, I I am a cultural expert and statuary, right? Yeah. Happy to help. OK, Here's the first one field of corn and I looked at this up. This is in Dublin, Ohio. It's like 109 6 ft. Tall corn cobs should that be taken down? Yeah, I'm very, very familiar offices. Uh, installation. It's actually they call it corn. Hench. After the stone hands. They got the corn Hench into w, uh Not. You know what, exactly what's public art is supposed to be. It's supposed to remind you tow each starch so I can't leave this one up. It makes perfect sense to me. Okay, Devon can go. All right. How about the world's largest killer bee? This is in Hidalgo, Texas. Um The first Africanized killer bees in the U. S. Responded there and I guess the city Has a £2000 statue there. What? What about that one? Controversial that Z? No, It's not Controversies goal. It's stupid. That's why I waited to get rid of that. Yeah. What? Who does the statue of a killer bee? What are we celebrating their first off talking about the other bees looking at the statue going all that's what I'll grow up into some day. Yeah. Yeah, they never complex was a 20,000% $20,000 waste of money there. Um, unfortunate. What about the world's largest rocking chair? That's in Casey, Illinois, right here in Casey, Illinois. Yeah, but that Z. That's a tricky one. I will tell you that right now, because, naturally do they have the world's largest walking chair. They also have. I believe the world's largest wind shine golf tee on, uh, ting missiles in the whole world. They have all these things in the KT. Illinois, Um For me. It's not mother of whether or not suggest that you should go a day. It's more about what is Casey trying to make up for you? No stay. I feel bad, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Break over their eyes. All right. I'm sorry. Anyway, I think e think they need therapy more than anything else. In case it seems like a like a Clark Griswold stop on the way to the West Coast that they're going to go to Casey and look at the world's largest crap. Pretty much everything you have in your jumped wrong. This big, very big. What about the world's tallest thermometer? We need that I if only to take the Earth's temperature. I mean, you know, on the climate change, people should go take a look at Death Valley, California. Is that where this is? Yeah, yeah, it make sure something like a temperature of 174 degrees. The high is because On. That's the hottest temperature ever recorded on Jenna. Right, Jack? Here's my question. Why stay? It's 174 degrees. Get out of there. Hello? Yeah, Come on. All right. I'm gonna switch gears a little bit. I understand that you've been advocating for the simplification of the English language. So what's that all about? Yeah, Yeah, it's you know, I went ahead and I studied this for good decades on. I have come to conclusion that too many words in the English language version too many We don't use them. You know, they're just sitting there. Big dictionary, so I think we could just use adjectives. And puts them down. The garage is familiar with Andre, get the same effect and we don't know what we're talking about. Okay. All right, so simplifying this. Why don't you demonstrate that and here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you the name. Of an animal and you give us a better, more simple name. How does it some? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, I've already started renaming some of these. Go ahead. All right. How about the Siegel? Yeah, that is a beach chicken. Okay. All right. All right. Yeah, There's a farm. Chicken. Yeah. Chicken? Yeah. Penguin. This is a formal chicken. Okay? He's just wants to visit the talks. He's in black and white. I get it. Theocracy purpose. The old calamari there. Huh? Yeah. Yeah. Why don't you call it a flappy see Spider because it's got all the legs right? Very scared, but it's all slapping on a room. That's too It's true. Porky Pine. Yeah. So this pocket pied there. Are we using this word? We don't need this word. Extra words. We get rid of this word. Instead. We call them stabbing pig fat like a pig. But it's stabbing. It's so angry. Okay? Never no kangaroo. Yes, that is a giant bucket. Robert Donat Roberts was a bucket right in the middle. You know what about what about the old alligator? The alligator. Yeah. You know, it's simply this is this is very simple. You simply call it a murder log log will kill you. They will kill you. How about the skunk? That's important. I mean, this is where we're getting serious skunk where we're going to use that word that you only think you know that was instead. How about a parking spot? You could do that? Because, Yeah, I brought it for me and that 10 there's a nice club. Don't go near that one. Could he also be a formal squirrel being black and white kind of dressed up like the penguin? They could. I wouldn't want to go to that party. I said Fair enough. What about the spider? Yes, that we simply call. Nope. Okay. What about the girl but a grizzly bear? That that is a hurry? Nope. Okay in a snake Could you don't want to go anywhere near him. We just need to stay away. Nope. And a furry note and a snake. That given Nope. On a rope. Okay, doctor, Smart ass and always interesting in a little disturbing, actually. Did you learn anything from today? Um, you know, Like I like them like Nope, Like. No, No, I like no two. All right. Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate your time. I'm here to help any time. All right. Geoff Rogers from players Workshop is the man behind that voice will join us next on 7 20 w GM. Spin zone sponsored by Team Hochberg. 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