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Welcome to raise TV here. We are baby. We're so excited because today we have what if my dearest friends on the show so excited introduce lap gives to our guest who's one of my dearest friends live here. Here's pretty sure she's my dear friend, she mentioned being my dear friend earlier. Oh, she doesn't have to mention it with me because it's obvious. Oh, excuse me. You guys have matching tee shirts with your last names on it. She's a wild horse. Oh shit from veep. Blunt talk Silicon Valley. I mean, the list goes on and on Mike and David wedding dates. I mean, I really could animals. Oh, she's krecko the creek. Okay. Hold on. Tommy stretch for time. Mary Holland is here. She's a wild one by. I thought we had a different guest. I thought we had my dear friend who is an actual dear. So. Oh, Yeah. yeah. Mary, and I are not friends and now, okay. Abras? Oh, yeah. I know. Who? Hi guy. Here. I wish this was the whole episode. That's how I don't know the answer to this question. How much TV do you watch a week? Like, do you watch a lot of TV? I do. I do. Yeah. Every day. Yeah. That's good. That's right answer from you out of this right now, if you didn't gosh, I yes, I do do do you like break it down by like hours a week or what I'm never even asked. This question thinking about you. I was like, I don't even know like how much TV you. Normally we spent a week in the guest house leading up to episode, and we just sort of casually observe. The corner and log on your stop arches. Us going full. Scientists would be really. No she ever again. That's your real fame. Yeah. Survivor. We should we should start with. What was your what was your TV relationship growing up where you a little TV kid? I wanted to be. But our TV time was regulated. With the regulator. So I know Scott's dad threw his TV in the crowd. He finally got his son to do exactly what he wants his career out. Great. Yeah. Wait. So you have a brother and sister. I have a brother and sister older brother older sister. Drain. I'm the baby. I remember I think we got to watch like maybe an hour or two hours every night or not enough. I will say it is it is plenty. But you're right. It's not me while hearing an hour. I'm like an hour hour. Two hours two hours is like fair if you're in school like I don't know how much more time. But I I was like, okay. So I got home at three or forty five. And then it was like until nine it was it was shut off the TV it's time for dinner. Shut off the TV..

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