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Hear the Hanoi edition of where you going, BBC news with Stuart McIntosh the new president of Colombia the. Country's youngest ever leader even Duquet has promised to unite what he called a divided nation he was speaking just after his inauguration to the highest office of the land human rights groups have condemned the presidential amnesty granted on Monday, to about eight hundred people in Ivory Coast most of, those pardon linked to the post-election violence in two thousand and ten and eleven early results from the US state of Ohio indicate that the Republican candidate Troy Bolton is edging towards a, narrow victory over his democratic, rival Danny O'Connor for a, seat in the house of representatives but some American news outlets as. Saying the, race is still too? Close to call the former, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has. Pleaded not guilty to. Three new charges of money laundering brought against? Him, on Wednesday. The charges Relate to fraudulent activity involving. More than ten million dollars the high court, in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka has ordered that prominent photographer Shahidullah. Alum who was arrested on Monday be taken to hospital for treatment the ruling came in response to a petition by Shahi do alums wife Numa Akkhmed alleging that her husband was being tortured a Medical University in Japan that was, accused of systematically discriminating against female applicants has now admitted, that it did so and for much longer than previously thought to limit the number of women wanted to admit the Tokyo Medical University methodically reduced the test scores of female applicants even, boosting the scores of some, male aspirants Australian scientists will test drive to cows on Wednesday using carbon free hydrogen derived from ammonia in what they say is a breakthrough of technology for environmentally friendly, motoring hydrogen powered vehicles are very efficient, and produce almost no harmful emissions BBC news Everybody.

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