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But some kids can live through that some kids get through that remember you're that you're that recruit. Some and I'm going to say everybody star gazes nowadays air. Let me see we that five star can do see we he got. But you can you can you can overtake five-star just say I'm gonna turn to booster song. They see like me before. We'll again, it's tough. Because again, those guys they they do they have a body of work which gives them that status of being, you know, four star guy five star guy. But yet again, Jamie Likud just one Super Bowl MVP didn't have a single division. One offer coming out of high school and went to junior college and then eventually transferred over to Ken state wasn't invited to the combine. But was still taking as a seventh round pick. All I'm going to say look who's going look who's going into the hall of fame. If you saw with Ed Reed put out there. Oh, yeah. I was just a two star. That's what they that's what they thought about me. I had to beg to get on the my he had to beg to get onto Miami squad. But he brought his attitude with he said everybody else brought brought their stars. I brought my attitude. Yeah. It's a whole different world. It's it's incredible. But again, yeah, we think we've got everything down to a science here. But yeah, again, it's still you have those guys. I the guy that I bring up all the time. Yeah. Two star prospect that was a good athlete coming out of high school. Obviously he had the connection with his dad stand playing here. But he was a two star. They better. Remember they. For me. You know, again, I was a little younger with mercury Hayes in tumor and some of those other great wide receivers that we've had but in in my lifetime. He was the best that I've seen to start coming in the door. Wow. They got all the Ohio State draft first round draft picks up there. For what is this combines the combine they just they're doing national signing day? They were talking about ally apple garden. Conley gordon? Conley. They're talking about. I guess that that class. They had some good ones. I was just looking at it. 'cause they're talking national signing day up there. Every Myers gone talking about the buckeyes right now. So just looking at it. Keep up with what everybody else is doing. I just looked up and saw that crap on the way on the screen. Usually we have Nick Bob Gardner who who will be on tomorrow. I don't know what he's doing. But I think he down in Columbus. You are reporters down there. I'm just saying when did doing down there. I don't know. I Sam down there. Pretty interesting. But we'll find out. We'll ask that question. You know, just gotta ask that question. We'll talk to begin signing day is four signing day for some of the other stuff that they got going on down there. I would imagine. It's more coaching staff changes. They ended Justin feel too and they had a chance. He is he officially eligible. No didn't say that. But he's officially down there. Those who cares is that. I mean, you didn't say that about. I mean about shea shea was down here. He was practicing doing things you wanted to see him. So I'm just saying everybody else's down there in their curiosity. Curiosity tells you that's what's going on down there. I mean, it's not a conclusion a foregone conclusion that they will let him play. But I mean. Writing's on the wall. I mean, it's the NCAA. Yeah. And they need their big horse, Ohio State winning games. So they can make that NCWA little chunk of change. Well, I mean, it is it is something, you know. It is interesting the way they do things and how they how they look at things. So I'm just a look. It looks like a foregone conclusion. But we'll see we'll see what happens, you know. But regardless. Class that we're bringing in here. I'm feeling good about. It's good to see that. It is officially wrapped up. Now with Quinn Johnson. Believe taken that that last spot so Jamie, how how you feel overall about this class the class. I like the Michigan class. That's coming in right now. It is helped Michigan be the number one class in the big ten now. I just read somewhere that the the Penn State Penn State if they sign a cornerback, and I've. Overtake michigan. But I gotta check and see if that's what if that's what's happening. But I mean, yeah, I mean that class is ranked the Ohio State class is ranked number sixteen right now. That would be with the ESPN it. So it is ranked in in the two thousand nineteen class ranking number sixteen they have sixteen commits nine in the ESPN three hundred. Yeah. Taken. I usually rivals is the one that I usually look at when it comes to recruit. But yeah, I saw we were ten Penn State was eleven and I think Nebraska was somewhere around fifteen or right now. They're sixteenth on rivals. And then Ohio State coming in at twenty two Purdue not too far behind it. Twenty six Wisconsin twenty seven and then Michigan state thirty one Indiana actually coming in with the top forty class at thirty seven Iowa at forty one Minnesota forty two so not too bad overall. But yeah, Michigan at least still has a right now. Number one in the class at it. Looks like ten overall with our twenty six commits. Yeah. I mean, there's some there's there's things going on as I said, it's it's that time and everybody's trying to get that late signing trying to get that late signing. Jayme OD think cause some. Worries concerns going into next year. We're losing some guys off that defensive line. Are you happy with the guys that we are bringing in behind them? I'm happy with the guys that are coming back, and I'm happy with the guys that you bringing in like, I said, you got some guys that can they're big enough to play right away. Let's just see how they are from a mental standpoint. If they have that that that mental standpoint and they can play. I'm sure you're gonna find out early. You got a new coach that's coming in. And let's you know, what I mean. I think they brought in the guys that they think that are gonna play right away. You know? So it's kind of kind of interesting to see, and he is like I said, it's not what it's not the kind of day that that that it used to be. So when we look at it, but it is an important day for for some schools. Jamie. Does it concern you at all being one of those former running backs knowing that again as of right right now, Chris Evans is with the isn't with the team. We've got Zack charbonnet coming in with the class next year. But he's the only running back we have some athletes which again who knows where different guys will end up. But as of right now, we only have one running back coming in with the class. Does that concern you do you think Michigan is going to have to make more of an emphasis moving forward with the two thousand twenty class? No, I think I think you should be happy with what you got coming in. You got some guys that have shown the ability to play you have true true Wilson who who's gonna get gonna get his opportunity Christian Turner who's been there for a while? What's his name? A mario. Samuels is out. But I mean you, and I mean Chardonnay he he's early. Hey, he's an early signing. He's here in school right now. Currently, do you think that he will be the most watched the most you know, as we move forward through spring ball in practice. You think he's going to be the guy from the class? Just again, knowing that that running back position seems to be where we're at now of the the different areas coming in do you think he's going to be the guy that everybody is watching? I think he'll be one of the guys. I think true we'll get his opportunity. I think you they coaches have been and if you know, if you've seen if you know the story of true Wilson, you got gotta be pulling for him. And you know, he's getting bigger and stronger in the locker in the weight room. I'm sorry. He's doing the things that he needs to do preparing himself. And look you get in the spring you doing what you're supposed to do. Guess what you should hey, you should be. You know, you you be the guy coming out of the spring. Being the number one guy, and there's going to be younger guys chasing you there. Hey, they're biting at your heels don't look around and don't look back keep pushing forward 'cause you got that position right now, you don't think Christian Turner after the the looks that he got in the ball game isn't thinking. Hey, I got a stat at that. Right. You're crazy. It's a battle. But that's the battle you want. This wait a minute. This is the opportunity that you're looking for whatever happened misfortunes different things like that. You take advantage of you show, the coaches, you know, look, you know, the place, and you you can make place. That's what you do, you know, the place, and you can make place and the most important thing you can pass block. I was going to ask which is more important of those to knowing the plays are being able to make the place, but then you throw pass blocking out there. And as we know here in Michigan comes first. You better know how to pass block? That's you. I'm gonna say this you better have an instinct to plas block chew does have that after that, you better be able to make place you better be able to make place. They give you the ball. You better. Make something happen that ball. Hey, you need five ten fifteen yards. Every time you touch that ball. Whether it's whether it's you catching it or whether you being handed off if somebody miss miss miss a block, you make that block you make that guy. Look stupid. I'm saying you got to make something happen. You got me off fired up. And now, I'm talking football. And now and now we ran out of time. We're supposed to be talking about bracket collagen, hey, we still got another segment here after the break that we can get back into bracket dodgy. But again, you know, we were talking about it. And you know, it took us a second even getting into the show to bring up today signing day, it is signing and I forgot. Shows you that again, Jamie, you we were both around the athletic department, or, you know, here university where we remember what these days were like it was insane. It was a madhouse over at fort Sam Boeckler. But again today it's now it's just another day. And besides that one good point that you brought up the fact that guys can still sign after signing day. Yes. They to me. There's not a point in having a second signing day. Again, really kills me because you did bring up a valid point. But besides that, I really don't see if guys can still sign in January February. Anyway, they don't have to sign on that very first day. I don't know. I just feel like we don't we don't necessarily need to that. We get away with just having that one in December. I mean, the Bleacher report says that Mike Leach shit. He needs the second signing day because he got a f- his recruiting. People don't like know. People love him when he's putting up those big numbers. But people don't seem to like him too much. I'm just I'm just saying. So. I mean, I as I look at it Bleacher report game NF, I'm just saying for recruiting. Michigan got hey, so I'm just letting you know, a top ten class. You better be getting today. I just what I'm saying. We need to go to a break when we come back. Bracket allergy more from the recruiting national signing day. We find things out and a lot more. You're listening to the end zone. This is the zone. It doesn't matter. What time it is white castle sliders are always the perfect snack. The same great one of a kind delicious. One hundred percent.

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