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Let's just hope the show ends before we get to that part. It's Mark Mason. Yes, it is, along with Supreme Court. Weber of Liberal Mike in the Master Control Brad Ford in the K E X newsroom. We have lots for you today. The anti massacres of not 2020 1918 We'll talk about that coming up here in a few minutes. We have voices in the news for you on the half hour movie reviews and a sad end to an attempted kitten rescue this morning on the ST John's Bridge, let's get to it. The news starts now from ABC News. Michelle Franzen at a House briefing today, focusing on supply chain concerns. Corona Virus Task Force member Admiral Bread, Gerard telling lawmakers quote We're not flattening the curve right now. The curve is still up in the US In California, the University of Southern California now reversing plans to have undergraduates back on campus. In the fall of covert 19 rates here rising and new restrictions being put into place US seizes it will now moved mainly online classes on campus. Housing and activities will be limited in the fall term. On Ly certain labs and performance classes will be on campus about 10% of overall classes. Has a similar, mainly online plan for the fall. Alex Stone ABC News Los Angeles Government jobs numbers out today showing the economy added 4.8 million jobs in June, bringing the unemployment rate down to 11.1% in this Corona virus outbreak. The president at the White House today says it shows businesses are returning a state's Rio. Today's an Azman proves that our economy is roaring back. It's coming back extremely strong. We have some areas where we're putting out the flames of the fires, and that's working out. Well, we're working very closely with governors. A separate jobs report. Another 1.4 million people filed for unemployment last week and word today we've lost a news legend and member of the ABC News radio colleague Hugh Downs has died. He was 99. You down and I'm Barbara Walters and this is 2020 Hugh Downs was best known as the Emmy Award winning co anchor of a B C's primetime. Newsmagazine Show, 2020. I suppose I finally found my niche because that's what feature magazine work is about lovely relationship. The audience felt our affection for each other. Early on in his career Downs was the announcer on the Tonight Show. He hosted NBC's Today show, and he was a game show host. ABC is Bill Deal You're listening to ABC. Good afternoon. I'm Brand poured our time story. Sad NEWS. Rick Hiten today that I crawled under the ST John's Bridge, Lieutenant Richard Chapman with Portland Fire says they trying to rescue the kitten. We did try our best. We sent cruise over the ST John's Bridge, two of them. Open. Tio actually catch the cat underneath the bridge in the middle, and they got real close and the kitten jumped. Chapman says it appeared the kitten was swimming in the Willamette River for a short time. They sent boats out trying to reach the kitten but had died before they got there. An investigation's on going into a shooting in Troutdale, The mobile mechanic sheriff's office says. Deputies responded to the shooting last night off Sal these 302nd Avenue. After a 45 minute standoff, 66 year old Robert Gillis rendered peacefully. The man who was shot was taken to a hospital. He's expected to survive. As covert 19 cases continue to Spike Multnomah County State of emergency will remain in effect through September 30 at the county's board of Commissioners passed a resolution today extending the state of emergency that began in March and here in our county, where 2200 cases Sadly, 71 Jess and as you've already noted, the pace of spread has increased, county health officer Dr Jennifer Vine says. That is particularly true in the black indigenous people of color or by park community, she said. State models indicate that over the next month we could see anywhere from 902 4800 cases a day statewide and hospitalizations rising from the current eight per day to between 27 82. Mine says we can change that outcome by wearing masks in public, social distancing and.

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