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Synthesizer music and a mass choir saying from her television speakers. It had to be your fiftieth time seeing the ad but it still entranced her. Just like the first karen. Un here her best friend. Reggie had a key to replace and no problem letting himself in. I'm coming into your bedroom. Don't be naked. He stuck his head in visibly relieved that she was indeed clothed and pajamas. His attention shifted to the screen. Is this it where karen pointed to the right of the screen as the video cut to a group of four three men one woman. That's her and blue. You look alike. She glared and turned up. The volume cumby enlightened at this four day celebration in conference at the grand opening of the new heavenly duty worship center. Horace sinclair invites you to change your life for now and forever bishop horace sinclair spiritual leader to thousands. Perhaps millions when you counted as television ministry. That's who the ad campaign was really for sinclair's power and purpose conference had been in the works for the last two years set to coincide with the grand opening of his new worship hall heavenly duty. It was a fifty million dollar mega church designed to hold a congregation of thirty thousand in the spiritual community. It was the biggest of big deals. All of the celebrities of gospel ministry and evangelism would be in attendance. Plus a crowd of eager worshippers could rival a super bowl audience including cairns enraptured mother. Her mom had been a loyal follower of the good bishop for most of karen's life from his original services in high school gyms to his first church in the suburbs of portside virginia. To now jessica. Manning was a servant to god i and horace sinclair second over the year. She established a place in the good bishops inner circle thus her prominent appearance in the power and purpose adds her access to church resources and the bishop himself had many of the other church members particularly the women dipping into the envy bucket of the seven deadly all despite having a daughter like karen. The ad ended with ticket and contact information. Though karen was willing to wager. There were no more tickets. It was long rumored the conference would sell out wasn't like there was much time left. It started tomorrow. She clicked the television off and turn to reggie will he asked. She raised an eyebrow. Well what are you going. Her gaze flitted to the two tickets wedged into the molding over her mere front row seats gift. For mom she shrugged. I think you should. He said i know what you think. It's easy for you to think that you didn't grow up with her. She searched for a word. Powerful enough to construe the years of degradation. She suffered at her mother's hands rants. She threw more scriptures in my face than those crazy apocalypse. Guys on the corners. Downtown things could be different now. I've seen bishop sinclair on. Tv and he focuses strongly on forgiveness. Maybe your mom has forgiven me. Her voice was hot venom. What exactly is she. Forgiving me four. Reggie he raised his hands. One palm out the other grasping a large padded manila envelope. It will never be said that reggie the wise does not know when to shut up. Karen angry at reggie for going where she didn't want to go but equally mad at herself for being angry at reggie hopped off the bed and disappeared into our walk in closet. It was easier to cool off when she couldn't see anyone when she couldn't feel the waves of emotion. Wafting off of them. She tugged the days. Close off hangers. What's that envelope you're holding. Don't know i grabbed your mail on the way up. Open it as she sifted through her denim. She heard the envelope rip. Then speak of the reggie caught himself and then finished. It's from your mom. She found him holding a leather bound. Bible and sheet of paper. Her note says god told me to send you this figures he cracked the bible's cover chuckled. What she asked. It's autographed by horace sinclair. The guy autographed bibles. The cynic in her nearly overloaded. Let me see. Reggie tossed it tour immediately. Took a turn for the worst. She felt the warmth immediately. The heat spread from her hands of her arms hit her chest and went supernova through the rest of her body. Reggie in her. Bedroom blinked away. There were people too many people. The aisles are choked. Some rush to the exits and others rushed the stage. There is already a crowd there though they huddle over someone she cannot see she can see. The blood drips over the edge of the stage. There's crying so much crying in the huddle. She sees her own face. Crows feet clutch the corners of her eyes and her mascara smeared. Karen doesn't wear makeup and she's yet to develop her first wrinkle. This is her mother's face horrified behind mom a banner of ten foot tall letters read power and purpose a sloppy bright red splatter fills the oh and power as if painted by child who hasn't yet learned to color inside the lines all becomes quiet the crowd at the stage including her mother turned to her and stare with pleading eyes she looks past them to what they conceal before a man with a ragged hole in his chest lies motionless gone from this world. Chorus sinclair the bible smack floor. Karen leapt backward banging her head against the closet door. She went lent in slid to her but her legs felt like cooked spaghetti and her breathing was ragged. Reggie knelt over her but did not touch not yet. What did you see. Someone's going to the images. Were still fresh in her mind. Still shocking ones going to kill horse and claire adrenaline flow through her. She sprang to her feet and sprinted around reggie in search of her cell had to call mom and her wake she heard reggie say why is it. Never the winning lotto numbers. The first time it happened she was eleven years old. They've been visiting her grandparents and in a small close knit community. Where most folks knew jessica manning and her precious little daughter. Karen it happens in the market when jessica bumped into an old friend from high school and began to chew the man's ear about her new church heavenly duty. Her is glossed over before he politely excused himself claiming a forgotten appointment. It was good to see you again. Jessica he shook moms hand then turned to karen you too little bear. He patted her head and she cringed not from the odd nickname but from the pictures flashing suddenly through her mind. She saw the man on a ladder trimming branches on a tree. An electrical line was tight rope through the foliage. He did not notice the wire until his trimmers into it and then it was too late. The man quickstep to the checkout line. Leaving jessica in his dust and karen nearly in tears. Mom he's in trouble. Mom's attention was on a leafy head of lettuce. You got that right. You can tell. He don't know jesus no. She told her mother which he instinctively knew to be the man's fate. If no one interceded on his behalf jessica manning her daughter out her expression unchanging. When karen was done jessica. Karen thought her mother would stop the man before he got away instead. She said i won't have you making up any more stories. No i'm not making it up. I saw it only. God can see the future little girl now. Stop this nonsense. karen panicked. She didn't want the man to get hurt and she also knew her mother said wasn't true she'd learned otherwise in sunday school. What about prophets. Mom they can her mother's palm cut off the words like a severed limb the slap echoed in aisles. Don't you ever try turn in the teachings of the lord to support lies. Do you hear me care and nodded through tears. The next day her grandpa. Tom delivered the news of darren. Tell fares electrocution while trimming branches off his sycamore.

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