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Quacks in gluconic preparation, which is in this particular case, we tested against chlorof- crap. Chlorof- prep is a pre surgical skin prep strong one which is used in hospitals. It has seventeen times as much collecting glue khanate as the oral rents because the oral ranch's only zero point one two percent quacks at glutamate. Whereas the chloride prep is two percent seventeen times as much Claxton glutamate. And it also has seventy percent isopropyl alcohol. So it has to key actives two percent quacks glue khanate and seventy percent isopropyl alcohol. Our product was able to inactivate aspergillus Brazilian ses in one fourth time than that Chlor prep was able to do. So if it was if there was such a differential. Between core prep and our product, then you can understand that there's even a much much greater differential between collecting oral rinse and our products, and in fact, for those of you who do have a screen available. You'll be able to see on this slide that. That the vile on the right which contains dawn iodine is a dog dog brownish color yellowish Brown color, and at the same concentration of molecular iodine that are formulation is actually clear. So so the there's a big difference between. That product and. And also, the the I attack products and here. There's a. In fact, when we also we also actually tested it. I think I had mentioned to you before about my interest in in rhinovirus or in viral pharyngitis from from the conversation I had with Z surgeon. And so since rhinovirus, which is also a non enveloped virus extremely difficult to kill extremely difficult to a rhinovirus is the principal causative organism for viral pharyngitis saw throats, and we tested listerine. We tested scope we've tested Colgate. Total all of them were ineffective against rhinovirus. This is a thirty second exposure. Whereas the I tech product completely inactivated completely destroyed rhinovirus in that same timeframe you compare the the IOT. Wrenches to to other oral wrenches. And we looked at clocks think Lucan, we looked at Povo don't iodine with chlorine dioxide two-part activated. We we looked at. Other chlorine compounds. And the in fact, we looked at sodium chlorate, and when we look at the duration of use chlorine, glaxy, glue khanate and also Popa don't iodine are indicated for short term, use only. The IRA product is used for the short wall learnt long-term used for chronic use. And fact, we advocate its use on a daily at home regimen and for as long as someone has teeth or as long as they have implants, the collecting glue khanate Andy donated nine stained teeth and tongue the our products of non staining, and as far as the effectiveness of for the other products that we compared it to that fourth of bacterial efficacy and also for virus islet efficacy that the molecular products were more effective than these elves. It's the lowest toxic city because it's a sensual nutrient. We have governments around the world mandate, the use of iodised salt as inexpensive public health measure to to help to keep us from diverse. The iodine deficiency disease with regard to taste. Well, the collect thing khanate appoved on I have an objectionable tastes compared to our product. Which is has a pleasant flavor either as a mentor as cinnamon flavor as far as cost is concerned that the the costing of these other products are run anywhere from more expensive two to four times as as much so our product is much more cost effective and a case of chlorine dioxide products. They were they were three times as much as sodium chloride products twice as much and exiting products for the same equivalent volume of product. They were four times as much. Clinton glue khanate zero tasting. It's also a potential caution agenda if you look at the material safety data sheet on your clean, coal exiting, glue, khanate oral wrench. It's a potential carcinogen that has eleven point six percent alcohol. So it's irritating. And and also been implicated in rare, but saddle antifa lactic shock, and as an additional side effect it also chose development of dental calculus. The the iodine preparations ready to go. The molecular preparations yet, the chlorine.

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