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Flood who basically is like no man like dope follow me in my kids to the park you'd dumb phone i don't want it added a warning wants that so i just i that like was like the like i'm gonna send it back moment in i disabled one of forty one notifications i can get from goodwill maps which is really cool but disabling the notification doesn't miss disabled the tracking and so i figured out how to do that eventually you go into a like like locations services or whatever and then you go into there's like you know goodwill maps you started her when you long into the phone as i can we can maps user location in you're like well yeah 'cause you're map like i'm gonna let you use your location but you don't understand the you just us you just allowed it to do location history which is a totally different thing where google keeps track of your location throughout the day in forever and you can't delete the history like in in it i have them i founded scream which shows me a map of weird google tracked mean throughout the day like the physical map of my whole path throughout the day across austin and that was like double nope and then you go into i o s in iowa us actually has the same setting like you have to go into location services or whenever in goodwill maps and then you have to turn off location history if you don't want gould to follow your around in keeping with a whatever a log of all your location throughout the day and that was just me i'm not like super tinfoil howdy chris but that was just enough for me in and even when i shudder down the the thing i was like driving around my daughter only naps in the car now and i was driving round and then the google search app is like hey you're by this mall here's what's inside and i just was like dude no i'm all around the erez moment is that you finally figured out how to disable for the maps only to have some other app have almost the same level of kind of creeping exactly exactly and i just was like i it's like the the feeling i can't described it was like i would i.

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