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Be lit in the school's burgundy and silver colors all next week. I'm Rick Osho, Florida Department of Health officials saying over a million Floridians are now fully vaccinated against covert 19/3 million people have gotten either the first cells only, or both doses in Florida Sense. Vaccinating first began, both of Florida's senators voted to acquit former President Trump in a 57 43 vote on Saturday, Senator Rick Scott Senator Marco Rubio, both alongside 41. Other senators voting Along party lines. 14 year old Terrence Bolivia was killed in Homestead crash along with two other teens after police said the car with four people ran through an embankment crashing into a canal early Saturday morning in Homestead, Police said the same vehicle fled from officers twice earlier that morning and thinking about spending Valentine's Day with your pat you're not alone rover dot com reports that 60% of US dog owners consider their canine companions there. Valentine's this year that 88% of people surveyed are confident they know their dogs love language the way they prefer to receive expressions of love and affection with cuddling the most popular option about 13% of pet parents, saying that their dogs prefer toys and treats the most. This is The Wall Street Journal also reports on a study that shows for a better chance at online dating success this Valentine's Day. To hide the cat, Jeff Mon. Also Fox News with Florida's news on June night. This is a Bloomberg money minute. One of the Holy Grails.

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