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He's had so far winning six races so just pretty cool to see a horse of this quality debut for connections they'd probably have some cheaper horses and their hard and i mean he is the son of nyquist and we've seen these nyquist the first year that he siren runners. They can really perform run. Some faster speed figures. Obviously he's the sira breeder's cup juvenile fillies winner. V quist so. I wonder what what's going to happen with this horry. Say he's the kind that i wouldn't be surprised to see show up at a different bar next time because two horses that debut like this for low profile connections they typically do get some offers for them. So we'll see what happens but this does appear to be at worse with ability. Yeah that was my exact thought. I wonder how long the hold onto this horse when i saw the connections but you never know it just depends how ambitious they are and what kind of offers they get. But the hearst whore certainly look like he's worth some pretty serious offers coming onto our final venue of this show. That's los alameda out in california and no real stakes racing to highlight this week. But there wasn't a maiden an allowance race that we should talk about on saturday. They ran a five furlong allowance. Race on the dirt course for older horses and mr vargas who has accomplished His career highlights on the turf horse. That's handled dirt many times throughout his career as well He just ran this field off their feet. There was a ton of speed signed on could tested pace and he just kept going. Yeah this was quite a performance for him at you said most of his biggest wins have come on the turf but he got a one. Eighteen time form speed figure for the win We did have it a little bit. Slow wurley only a one. Oh seven page figure at that. I call but he just drew away from their. Nobody else was even able to give them much of a warm up and there were some pretty decent horses in here. I mean sparky. Bill's been a stakes performer. Who we've talked about many times albeit mostly on turf as well but he does have agreed to win or on dirt in the ass sand visit day as three year old. So at this was an impressive performance for mr vargas. Yes for a horse was six years old. He really hasn't raised that much in his career. i think he's only race like i wanna say twelve or thirteen times if that And he did accomplish that stakes. Victory on the turf last summer at del mar. But you always talk about how some horses to really like los alameda if you look through his career. He's actually it's done this before most alameda three there in his career and even though he might be a little better on the turf this Los alamos dirt surface to agree with them. Yeah he is free for three and the actually ran a one. Twenty six back there in july of Couple years ago. I believe it was twenty eighteen. But yeah he's a horse certainly seems to like that surface and he's actually got a good dirt record at other tracks as well so he's versatile and given the state of the sprint division out west i mean maybe he could jump back into stakes company..

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