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Tesfai social media we'd love to get your suggestions so in this month's episode we explore ptsd shorthand for post traumatic stress disorder and how this mental health condition can result from a larger array of sources than previously known we speak to the thorn in the government of china's side activist and member of the feminist five lee might sir and nas we hear from photographer and filmmaker kelly allah at the west coast premiere of his highly acclaimed film black mother coming up they tend to hide it quite well but it is anyone who spent more time to them you stopped seeing like a lot of very paranoid they become isolated stopped seeing everywhere as ever is a french it's almost like the living in lucca wartorn place walking down the street cannot have the shoulder then a constant state of anxiety and fear i used to think photography was boring you know i think filmmaking was the most boring shit in the world you know what i'm saying a bunch of people just talk and talking about this and that and film and all life but when you have something to tell if they'll make them becomes just a prism to depict that light through so yeah i mean the confidence is like the desperation thing because on the one to be doing anything else they'd be all sensor shape the me to the word and then we created another word is rice bunny russ bunny in chinese we pronounce his me tool so you can see the drawback over the censorship system as which is when when post something they can delete it but they cannot predict wola going to do it.

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