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They thought they wanted political humor, okay? The show I was doing was Jimmy tingle for president. So I got booked in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Southern California, and in Northern California. This isn't the general public. These are corporations and they're there for their company, picnic or whatever. And you're doing their thing. So they're naturally tense anyway. And inhibited in terms of like you said, the HR department of the CEOs there or their boss, so I'm doing my thing. And this is how I learned about the certain words, how you can just alienate a whole crowd. So I inadvertently was not doing as well on stage as I could do. That's as simple as that. But I could feel a tenseness and the audience recoiling from what I was saying. And every gig I'm saying jeez, what am I doing wrong? And I finally got up to Bakersfield, California. I was actually in Kevin McCarthy's district. And he's a guy from the Republican minority leader of the house right now. Anyway, I'm in his district, and they're all ranches. I said to the woman who picked me up at the station, I said, how is this audience? How are they demographically? I'm thinking it's 50 50. It's California. She goes, oh, well, heavy Trump country. Very strong Trump guy. I said, really, she goes, yeah, I'm paraphrasing, but she said, this is the largest concentration of Christian schools in the country. Wow. I took that in for I had like three hours before I go on. I go, how am I going to deal with three, 400 ranches? Who are heavily Christian? And what I ended up doing is I did all this personal stuff. Growing up Catholic, trying to quit drinking, using the higher power to help me quit drinking. All these things that were personal that had nothing to do with politics so much. A personal connection to them. By the time I got to immigration, which they support immigration reform, they've all ranches. That's who's doing working on all these farms. Yes. By the time I got to those issues, they could hear me. And they can appreciate where I was coming from. And at the end of it, you know, I don't want to leave my first podcast blowing my own horn, call it. But by the end of the show, there was a standing ovation. That's all I'm gonna say. I love it. I love it. Yes. The personal story can go a long way, even though the material on the outside might seem very, very political. And when you're coming from, you won't experience then it can just resonate with people more so than just the punditry. Absolutely. Absolutely. Cool. So Colin, I'm looking forward to seeing your show this Thursday night in Boston, January 13th, folks. If you are in another state and I hope you are listening or another city, the show, the last best hope, starring Colin Quinn as traveling, touring the country, go to Colin Quinn dot

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