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What about your, own house. Can you tell me a little bit about it? And do you have any lingering building science problems you're either you know ignoring or happily ignoring. The Cave of ideas. I built my house when I was twenty five. On my own business for few years at this point, and just you still live in it. Oh absolutely yeah, so my wife and I had bought twenty five acres angrier, still dating. We've been together. Seventeen. And you know there's always. What had happened was Yom Irish, so I got in a fight with our landlord on a Thursday night, and I was digging footings for New House on Friday morning. Not GonNa stay there anymore. We decided that we would just build up. A Small House on property on Shop Foundation, so I build a thirty by thirty four. The original tiny house. And then somewhere else on the property at Sunday we build our dream house and you know. Turn this into a shop. which is you know I was going to have a heated shot foundation? You mean a slab on grade or a? It's got four foot walls under a, but it is, it's it's a slab inside a four foot walls so i. mean it's it's. It's not. It's above or below frost line, but it's you know I. I didn't know you should insulate slabs back then, and I didn't know. Can Lights were all the rage back in two thousand? Twenty or thirty of those in the house, and where we're going to put the the Ductwork Oh, let's just throw it up in the attic and we don't need insulated duct work as we're GONNA cover insulation. there. I I have fixed what I can fix long. You know I mean we didn't use the. Vent vents and through the roof, and so I I six when I can sex along the way <hes>. You know the other stuff you just learn to live with you know the fans dump outside now and you know we've done smears the only enough there and we've got appropriate levels of insulation and being on a slab. It's naturally a pretty tight house. Anyway signed my blower doors. Maybe twelve hundred or something, and we've added onto it since as there's you know, it's now sixteen forty square feet, you know. We had three kids in it and. As, just say long live there and then boy. We're having kids faster than we're getting towards dream house you know. It's it's it's terrific house at. Its. If, I were to build it when I was thirty five probably would have been the style house building then, which would been this monstrous cat up? Way Too much as way too much rough, it's. Pretty simple. Rans just works day in and day out. You Know Pretty Forgiving Assembly on everything. You know it's it's tough to be. What would you do if you were? To move and build your own house tomorrow, what assemblies would you use for walls and roof? I think it's tough. To not want to do the double wall. Cellulose. Yeah, you know it's. Simply. There's nothing creek about your building walls like you build walls, your dense packing like a dense pack. You know it's just. Yeah. They're still. You gotta get every detail. Right? No matter how you do it, but. You know in. Our our! Training Center. Remember. Bill rose a group of they're they're the ones that Jonah debunked? Then at addicts working, you know. I'm ninety nine percent shares rose, did just a ton of different assemblies, and on different buildings, all over the University of Illinois campus and found out like. It it is what it is yeah. Battles but Yeah, I mean. So, you know I would. I've thought about how to build homes. To Megan this time as possible, one hundred different ways from like, maybe you build on your exterior walls, and then you set your trusses and you drywall the ceiling tape it many comeback and build argument, so you got this Arab Ariza's run. On broken through the whole house to you know just getting up there and. Air Sealing today lights. I really enjoy a lot of the passive home stuff and just. Off Steam Basis, do

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