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But the truth is we cannot escape the the effects of our own sin. We cannot escape the effects of pushing God away and pushing down our issues instead of bringing them before. God. And since and, you know, it's kind of like when we're looking into social media, and we are trying so hard to put forth this certain image stuck staring at our own reflection. Might were so consumed with looking at ourselves, but when we fix our eyes. So firmly on ourselves that means that we're -verting our gaze away from Jesus where -verting away from God. And you know, we might ignore the sin issues that are taking root in our heart. But that doesn't mean that they go away. Yeah. You're absolutely right. And we can't fix our is on Christ and fix them on our cells to see idea that you can't glorify God. Which is your God, given purpose and glorify yourself. Right. We try to but. Yeah. So in every interaction whether we post or we respond to someone else's posters. Just this opportunity to fall into that to glorify ourselves, and those are just. Times where we can ask ourselves. Like, hey is the true intent here self glorification rail how or how is this going to glorify God? Meaning how is this going to reveal him and his nature to others? Or is this really making much of Christ or me? Yeah. Those are just questions that I feel like I have to ask myself every time, you know, I been replied someone else's post. You know? And I think another pitfall social media is just our inability to be still before the Lord, you know, in our American culture entertainment is just always before us, and we see it in our kids like a lot of times, they don't know how to be bored, and we've just become people that are constantly stimulated. And this really threatens our ability to focus at threatens our literacy and thinking back. On Jen Wilkin and women of the word, you know, she mentions dwelling in the I don't know of a passage and really working through it before jumping to a commentary. And and that really was convicting for me when I read it years ago, and it's convicting for me even now because it's really hard to do because we have at our fingertips with the IRS. We can see what all of our favorite theologians have to say on a particular passage in. Yeah..

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