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Is down eighty eight this is cbs news i'm chris ingram with the latest from newsradio one or two point nine karn although everybody's talking about it and now it seemed like even nbc's today show hosts didn't know about matt lowers firing this morning correspondent steve kastenbaum it was a bombshell that came at the opening of this morning's broadcast today show hosts savannah gut three gave her thoughts after reading a statement from the chairman of nbc news we are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced this past few weeks hottinger reconcile you are left for some line with the revelation that day have behaved badly the new york post cited sources at nbc who said this stems from an incident with matt lauer and a coworker in two thousand fourteen during nbc's coverage of the winter olympics in sochi sources said the new york times and variety had been investigating lower for several weeks steve kastenbaum new york worn of thirty six alleged drug traffickers taken into custody during operation ice storm as pleaded guilty 40yearold philip charles hafner of amity pleaded guilty to two counts of delivery of methamphetamine andy was sentenced to eightyear supervised probation on each of those counts the hunt spring sentinel record reports he agreed to plead guilty without prosecutors happing to reveal the confidential informant used in his case operation ice storm reportedly took more than one million dollars of drugs off the streets including more than thirty pounds of math accu weather head of more rush karn these he's mark levin let me tell you what the talent frank dunn i surmise but i am look we got to condemn publicly in private we know we'll senator whether the ethics even that schlup mcconnell he he's not gonna he's not going to pick its scabs you don't worry about he's not going to pick a here do not believe the liberals and the.

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