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At a 53 attempts three hundred thirty seven yards three touchdowns dion luis fifteen carry sixty two yards brennan bolden four catches twenty or four receptions i'm talking about the running back for hutu out life i said catches for the on those carries brandon bolden had four carries for twenty seven yards one touchdown james white four carries levin yards one touchdown odyssey receiving dammit danny i'm and dole eleven receptions hundred twelve yards rob ron caskey six receptions eighty one yards and touchdown dion luis nine receptions for seventy nine yards brandin cooks three receptions thirty two yards and james white forceps twenty nine yards touchdown in an gotta say chris hold because your touchdown one four yards by us at one touch shop all right so i was watching this game very excited gone off working on finding to watch football game and turns out as the worst one of the weekend all right this game was over by the time new england scored their first touchdown paul tell you that much did not really get anything going ge's brutal brutal brutal for tennessee defense secondary needs to be fixed in the offseason i mean tennessee had no shot whatsoever once and when the started went in there uptempo offense i may notice boom boom boom boom tennessee was either gas are these had no answer for it i tennessee was outcoached outplayed and pretty much feud both those that you have no chance for some reason i thought oh yeah tennessee they're going to be able to put it before it you audio yara yeah i was completely wrong i said i mean new england just played well and did whatever they wanted i don't i don't gauges i dunno tennessee thanks a lot this kansas city's fought to be honest i can't city doesn't let tennessee um come back and when we get away better see division around game between those two right give me can see devers new england instead a tennis.

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