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Hours we're going to be a big day for everybody on our side highest such Franklin, Nikki medoro, right? Hello. Music. It's Hawaii five oh, I don't know if she's doing. So do a story. We did a few minutes ago. Doing flights to Hawaii. Oh, nothing gets by her. Thank you. Yeah. He's taking about right now. Okay. Abou- if we're going to talk about in the future you do. But you're going backwards. We love Kerry. That's what I do. She goes backward. Anyway. So the the, you know, we talked about who who's who the worst person in the world not named Trump is generally every day. It's Mitch McConnell. We found a new person. Okay. We'll get to that person in just a second. And I wanna tell you right now. It's your opportunity I'll tell you, it's really Matt gaetz. He's from the first district in Florida. He's the guy tells the story about the the dad who's he was the he was the lawmaker when they were talking about gun control. And I think of as HR eight I'm not quite sure about one of the fathers who son was killed in parkland. He was yelling at him about it. And and gates was the one that was like what is the protocol for getting people out of getting thrown out of the hearing. Yeah. So you got a little bit of criticism. Of course, the Michael Cohen testimony, which will you can hear live here on K G O starting at ten o'clock tomorrow, he'll be testifying before the house intelligence committee. And which I love the fact that atom shift schedule it, right? When Trump is going to be joking to megaton can conju Jong Kim Chow CHU. Right. Did you see him doing the the glasses of the is? Oh, yeah. Yes family. Oh, embarrassing embarrassment. He's like your old grandfather who was like stuck in the nineteen fifties. Doing inappropriate joke. The night. He won the election the king of Egypt called him Trump Tower. This is witnessed by many people. It's true. And he said the king song of the gypsy. But the Bengals he said it to the king of Egypt the night, he was elected. So this is your President Trump is out there. I don't know who's more ridiculous. We were talking yesterday about inclusion you gotta get back away from this guy and save your party anyway. So. So Matt gaetz tweeted this out today, and this is Michael Cohen testify tomorrow. Right. And by the way, let me just let me do a little tell you a little bit about gates on Wikipedia here again, he's a congressman, but he's had some problems. And and he's been in some trouble. Let me see here. What was the latest one? He'd been endorsed. Of course, endorsed by anti-gay rights, anti immigration, all immigration, like Trump. He voted for those tax cuts that were nightmare. And and he's in. He's he now he's threatened Michael Cohen, and this tweet the here's what the tweet says he sent this out and he puts Cohen in there. His name in there as well. And yeah, yeah. Yeah. It just is here. It is. Hey, Michael Cohen. Do you do your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriend's? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that. I wonder if she'll remain faithful in your in prison, she's about to learn a lot. I'm sorry. That's witness tampering law student. Right. I mean, you're the guys testify tomorrow, and you just threaten him, and you're a federal official the non serious that's tampering. I mean, we are. We'll get an attorney on talk about that in a little while. But so coming up if you I'm gonna I'm gonna according to call his answering machine, and I'm gonna leave the answers, I already call earlier today. But if he does that'd be awesome. But it's nice sounding woman. So we're not gonna play her voice on the air. We'll just play it right up to the you know, the beep. Okay. And then I'm going to leave a message. And if you have something you would like to tell this dish bag you should call right now. Whoever has the best message. They can't use any bad words because we're gonna we're gonna broadcasted on the. But if you want to tell him something let me again, he's threatening Michael Cohen, he's committing a federal crime. So what do you think about that? And you to call up at eight hundred eighty eight ten and what would you like to leave on his answer machine? If we get to that are great, we'll do too. But right now, it's just one the best one and Brian will pick up the phone, and he'll help you through it. So that's all coming up. Just a few minutes. Michael Collins testimony tomorrow, I'm sure Trump's gonna stay up all night to watch it because I think they're seven hours. Let's say what time is it doing a show Vietnam? Vietnam there in Korea NBS care same time zone. I think six at six o'clock in the morning right now. So that means tomorrow, though, it'd be like so then so what? So six hours from now, it'll be midnight. When I think it's there if it's if it's if it's going to be damn right now, it'll be seven AM here. So it's seven AM in the math is can be a headache. But anyway, fifteen hours fifteen hours ahead of us. Okay. I can't even then I should go there and bet on the stock market. That's awesome. Anyway, I so that we'll take your phone calls. If you if you have something you want to say to him, we'll do that in a few minutes Michael Cohen testimony tomorrow before the house intelligence committee is going to be revealing in a lot of ways, I tell you hear the people watching closely vodka. Orosa? Who is I mean? Yeah, she was she was nobody in the Trump White House. But so is everybody nobody there. But she says that Cohen has some stuff to say about Ivanka that's going to drive. I mean, you can say anything about Eric because Eric won't know because he's some major after on his head when he was a kid, but junior, obviously, you know, he went to the Trump Tower to meet a Russian official to get information that had been stolen committed a crime. And he probably lied about it too. So they might get them onto things they might get him on conspiracy. And then might get him on on obstruction. So that indictment all these things and we're waiting for that. And the one of the reasons why you don't get the draw the drop this week from the Muller investigation is because they're still investigating Trump junior on these charges. So the Michael Cohen case, however will still continue to I'm sorry. The Manafort case will still continue to move forward. But it just won't be. Muller and his prosecutors dealing with Dave handed off to other prosecutors. Okay, that's still moving forward. So that's something else that's out there. And then the attorney general from the southern district of New York is going to move forward with prosecution and even right now, they're going to do it concurrently. They're not gonna wait for Trump. So if even if Trump pardoned him, and he walks out of prison, they're going to have him, and I guess with the prison face federal when you walk out of the federal prison. You gotta get the state to extradite. I'm sure he'll fight extradition to New York because I mean, he's never going to go to New York. No, no, they'll they'll send him up there. But you know, that's what Aaron bird it after he shot a Hamilton. He was charged in New Jersey with a a crime, and he just didn't go back to New Jersey and New York, and yeah. Well, good luck keeping Trumper. Rodney people from anyway. So here's the deal, so Matt gaetz douchebag, and he is tweeting. He's. Threatening Michael Cohen by Twitter via Twitter today. So I'm going to call and leave a message with his answering machine in a office in Washington DC, if you would like to you know, if you have an idea, you don't have to no pressure. If you want to eight hundred eighty eight ten is the phone number coming up at the bottom of the hour. Philip bumped from the Washington Post national correspondent, we'll talk about what to expect tomorrow. It's going to be this is the beginning of what you deserve for having to put up with this guy is to watch these guys hang and weather in the wind. It's going to be sweet. I don't care if Trump go. I mean, I just as soon at this point. Defeat him in two thousand twenty instead of impeach impeach would be a mistake because you probably the senate's not gonna convict him. He'll go a one c o wound. So we're not gonna do that. So we're just going to let him to hang in the wind and suffer while the kids. Go to jail, that's better. All right. Eight hundred eight ten we'll get your calls.

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