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It's bobby upper home. And she's that she pick up the phone. Yeah what did you tell her. She said bobby. Are you hear. I said no one of my episode. I had to stop. I'm in bakersfield. She says poor bobby to want to ask you. I said no. I should be mostly better via the mourn testified that the next morning he drove toward susan. Canyon zabel's beyond the sunset from suns. At her they will get on better to check. Your intent was to do what at this point to garin paused. Good time two more minutes. Yes ladies and gentlemen to pick up. Monday and so dicta garin left us. With a cliffhanger. Judge wyndham adjourned the trial until monday. Leaving the jury with a cinematic image of robert durst turning his car off sunset boulevard onto benedict canyon drive toward susan. Berman's home joining us. Now is reporter charlie bagley. Who's covering the trial for the new york times and for crime story dot com. Charlie thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me so charlie day. Three of bob on the stand. Would you make of it. I have to confess. I'm still somewhat in awe of bob's ability to layout is free flowing narrative with lots of detail. I mean we've learned about roadway musicals Film treatments and the two kinds of criminal. Defense lawyers there are all. That detail lends a patina of credibility. The thing is that bob is left a long trail of statements and there are things that he said in court this week that contradict his sworn testimony in galveston nineteen years ago his interviews with the producers of the jenks or even with some of his comments in His prison phone calls. He's going to have a lot to contend with on cross couple of questions come to mind first of all. Had we ever heard mention of kathy being in rehab program at lenox hill hospital before the last couple of days and no that is completely new. And i've got to believe very unlikely would have shown up in police reports either with detective. Strucks log war made it a state police. But it's a a new piece of information that may or may not be accurate it but i'm just flabbergasted that it suddenly comes up now we also did a little bit of research and lennox hill hospital in the early eighties. Did not have a drug rehab programme manhattan ear and throat. Hospital did and in two thousands lenox hill took them over and took over that program. Britney what struck you about day. Three of bob's testimony. Yeah they were a lot of moments. As charlie said that he launched into these stories that i think i'm going back to my original theory that his strategy here is to humanize himself talking about being a caretaker for diane bouchet and the fact that he was the person she called to bring her to the hospital he makes himself out to be nursed. Watch yes i was gonna say a nightingale but yet nurse ratchet works to and everything. He did for susan donating to the musical getting her furniture. Maybe he thinks that enough of those little anecdotes and the jury will. We'll get this picture of a nice well-meaning guy. Charlie isn't to garin under some obligation to explain the discrepancies. Between bob's testimony in this trial bob testimony in galveston specifically he denied seeing susan in december of two thousand in the galveston trial. Don't think garin is under some obligation to reconcile the discrepancies in those testimonies. Well he's not supposed to know lawyer is supposed to suborn perjury and it's interesting a couple of weeks ago when they were going to start talking about galveston Mr garin stood up and said well that was testimony eighteen years ago. It's not necessarily testimony today. It was sworn testimony in galveston. We're supposed to ignore that one. Other thing that struck me about the testimony on thursday was when bob persisted in describing kathy as having been inebriated intoxicated when she arrived at their place in south salem after having spent time at the jami home and i vividly recall fodder and ajami describing the gathering at an ajami home as a family dinner with their parents present and there was no cocaine anywhere in sight and kathy while agitated about her marriage and about her fear of her husband was not in any way intoxicated to fahd was perception. Right she said it was laughable. Booker would be cocaine mayor. She spent about an hour on the stand. Just talking about how angry her father was that they didn't start eating. Exactly five o'clock you know. You could kind of picture the the mood at night. Yeah it's very much two different versions. Arosh amman about What that party was all about and one other thing that really struck me was that garin asked bob why he told detective michael struck. He had a drink with the mayors in that. He made the phone call to cathy at riverside. Drive and bob very straightforwardly answered. Because i wanted them to leave me alone. I thought those answers would leave him alone but they were not true. And yet left. Unexplained is why we should believe anything else that he said that night because the same could apply to every one of those other statements that he made absolutely. I was struck by in addition to what bob said to detectives just the way. He acted on his way to report kathy missing. He reiterated a number of times that he was worried about. Kathy friends thought that maybe she was just playing a game but he was really concerned but then when he goes to report her missing he is far more concerned about not being able to park close to the precinct than having any urgency to get in and talk to a detective about this. I thought it was wild. Yes no you're right In addition. I don't know who thought the kathy was playing a game Certainly her sister her brother were were very alarmed in wanting to know where she was as did Gilbert she was supposed to have dinner. I believe monday night with Gilbert and when she didn't show up gilbert start raising the alarm. And i.

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