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Wanted to start. We saw his gun playing last year helping us. And then in the draft, you know, I think I would go against what the people say, you have to need all vets. You need you. You need that sprinkle of youth. You need to ask what is those young legs to kind of grow within the organization? Look, is that the right exact way? I don't think there's one way. You've covered sports a long time. I mean, every team does it differently. I like our mix, you know, Porter coming in as a vet, be elites, the guys we like, Iguodala, means more to us than he might to any other team. What he does in the locker room, who he is, I can go down the list, right? But you know, I think what you try to do is build a team you can lose with. I know that may be hard to understand. But when you build a team, obviously you want to win. But if you build a team that you can lose with, you might win. Does that make sense? If I'm playing something with you, and we're playing doubles, ping Pong or pickleball or tennis or whatever. And I know who you are when we lose. That's more important than knowing who you are when we win. Because if I know I can live with you when we lose, then we can overcome whatever adversity comes our way. But if you're only a good guy when we win, and then we lose, you lose your mind, you start blaming me, start falling apart. Well, then I know we're in trouble. So that's kind of kind of back into some of these decisions and say character and temperament, skill set and all that and you go from there. I don't know if you'll be able to tell me the truth on this one, but I'm gonna try anyway. How close was the debate on wiseman and lamella when you had the number two pick? How close was the debate? Yeah. I mean, it's hard because that year we it was an unusual year because we couldn't bring as in our facility, you know? And so we didn't get we didn't get the same access and things like that. But we targeted James obviously, we took him in front of lamelo and we debate everything, and it's always close, you know, people would argue in one guy's mind, it's close one guy's mind. He likes this guy more than other. And we're pretty, we're pretty debate oriented. So it's not just me in a room where I just say this is what we're doing shut the door. So we hashed out the whole thing as far as what we thought we ended up ranking it the way we did. And we watched them all, he had a great workout when we saw we knew it would be a really good player..

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