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Welcome back this is the 20minute abc with me harry stabbings and you can find me on snapchat at h dubbing would to be used or lance get a personal response remain an exciting news if you did not listen to our absolute recliner perkins being gordon on monday that really is a must by the way then you will not have heard that the 20minute vc now has a fantastic app essentially is your centralized home but we'll things 20minute bc so you can easily tag episodes and go back to them later days easily find him by resources mentioned in the show a most important me for me to continue improving the content you can race episodes and provide feedback a huge science to jason humphreys for all his work to make the apples brilliant as the days and you can find it on the app store by searching twenty b c plus to'serve e c i'd love to hear what you think however to the show today i'm one of my many joys of this role is shining a light on some of the incredible individuals who maybe do not have the public attention of others but of course ecosystems and that's very much the case today and i'm thrilled to welcome david waxman founding partner ten one 10 ventures one of the leading new venture funds in the right using tide of la tack that portfolio companies have been at exit from the likes of facebook google amazon cisco airbnb and include companies like ecommerce pioneer and unicorn wished and the walls leading aspe services platform adam up as for david price tam one ten key enjoyed incredible success in operation starting with the founding of his first company firefly in 1995 an early pinay in personalization amd previously technology which he sold to microsoft in 1998 davidenko founded people pc company dedicated to simplifying the process of joining the online world the company went public in two thousand one and was acquired by earthlink in two thousand and to.

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